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  1. As I said wall me when you and the others are finished so we can have a 1v1 your main vs my main..
  2. I'll give you all an insight into my style.

    None of you notice why I annoy people the most with this build? It's because it's useless. While your running bars and clans are xstalling on It the >>VALUABLE<< acc is nice and safe, taking 0 inc as people have forgot about it.

    When you stop hitting this acc, I know your asleep. I can strip with the valuable acc without you knowing a thing, leave a few fails from this build in your feed and your none the wiser. You wake up thinking this acc stripped you, get annoyed and concentrate even more fire on it.
  3. How about start showing SS of people being dtw?
  4. You can pretty much tell if I've pinned them or not.

    Why would I have to prove myself to some tiny noob acc?.
  5. Val logic: Win
  6. Law of forum: SS or it didnt happen. Lol as of now, you've pinned no one
  7. Exactly  noobs get way to proud pinning my tiny accs when that's the whole dam point!
  8. The first few pages I was giving you clan owners,the titans you might say that you want to challenge. Why aren't you targeting them? Your only remark was"There time will come" blah blah blah. Stay true to your damn words. Don't make a threat you can't back
  9. Honestly, you suggestion chongo.

    You SERIOUSLY think I have over 100t funds?
  10. "Leaders of these alliances,lets see how you face against a real strip farmer" you didn't specify on whom :roll: thefore go for it
  11. Theres fire in those words, what is the full clan name? Gl btw val
  12. Bump to hear vals response
  13. Your honestly that dumb.

    Hmmm, think of the newly created alliance... What is it? Something to do with the world ending. I can't quite figure it out!?
  14. Honestly. Mew, we all know you've beer warred or stripped anyone in your KaWreer. Hit me, prove your point in my newsfeed if your so quick to criticise my thread just because I hit you recently.
  15. Just proving that you didn't commit.
  16. Looks like Val blerted in ye soup...
  17. Lmfao shadow  you still remember eh
  18. Oh yeah, I sure do. You're not easily forgotten. 
  19. wow... i only ever heard of IG and that an i been playing since 2011... never heard of titans...
  20. Interesting... Good luck Val 