Pure Evil vs Foxes song

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  1. Look at haj staying away from a window long enough to pick up the crayons. Smack talk pe all you want. We didn't lose our home in a foreclosure. We get that you're bitter that now you're just Carnage and Zaft has been long forgotten. Pure Evil is making a comeback. Is Zaft? It might be as you sit in grandmas basement playing with your barbies and g.i.joes. But here in Kaw land. Zaft doesn't exist. We do. So troll elsewhere Arnie Grape.
  2. Oooohhhh snap. Haj are you gonna take that. Insult his mother! Ye ye ye!
  3. al ur moms r big homos

  4. Dude you must be 12yr old ... why do you keep bringing up ZAFT i don't get it why you are so salty did zaft strip u? Or you are mad because u got rejected when you tried to join em. Prehaps you should practis you Foot RP skill it may get you a clan ... obviously Pure Evil is nothing and was never anything so i am not sure how you can make a come back lol ... first time i hear about your clan and it looks like a bunch of statless alts trollong ppl and trying to bullie small clan alot of talk not much actions get back to PIMID get your RP on point and for please stop being mad no one love mad RP
  5. THANKS I had a awsome RP time
  6. What, Monster who?
    But your dragon is gone
    Pure evil through
    Get off your phone
    No chance you're boned, still in the zone, dragon is alone, your dad eating a cone, pure evil gone, funeral moans

    Dance on pure evil's grave, all hate, I'm brave, name isn't Dave. Pure Evil can't run depraved, roster is drained, THIS RHYME IS MY SLAVE. Nerd, you got played

    edit:Forums is my game, remember?
    You just a lame, pure evil member
    6 months 'til December
    Throw PE into a Blender
    Dragon slayer here arrived, D-code Dismembered
    Destroying Pure Evil is a PLEASURE
    Nerd tell dragon I didn't mean to offend her
    It's raining outside, it must be the WEATHER
    Btw nerd, did you manage to change your gender?
    I've sent you a letter

    *Open it up*

    you ain't a contender
  7. What have I just read
  8. +1

  9. Part 4

    This child thinking he can rhyme. Tape up This is now a crime. This will only take a little time. I thought foxes posting was a war crime. Little boy I'm in my prime. I designed the climb. You will always be behind. You must be blind. You need to unwind. Time to remind. I control your mind. Your dropping behind. Time to be aligned. Your now assigned. Stay in your basement confined. Now shut up ur not inclined.
  10. Dr Suess called said ur rhymes are turd, still haven't made like a bird, not enough words, get out of here, nerd. Taking about prime, here is your Optimus. Dude ain't pure evil, you've already lost this.

    I wrote three verses, you wrote a sentence
    PURE EVIL OVER, go to church for repentence
    I'm getting biblical, yeah a religious reference
    OP is a imbecile, nerds favourite preference
    No need for cross-reference, No need for divorce or even a severance. I'm no preacher, I'm only a reverand.

    Veteran of rap, rhyme runs like a tap
    Gotta change flow, kinda whack
    Spy in clan, call it a wiretap
    Pure evil rap, must be handi-cap
    Here's a recap, gave your dad a backslap
    Fat chap, had a cat nap
    I'm lost, no map


    outta here with that weak ish
  11. Makes a song about how ya foxes like to reminisce about the old days. Runs to nk clan for weekend.
    Are these the “good old days” you remember yet?
    I have a feeling you were an osf while I was smacking top dogs in new age legends.

    Edit: you’re not even warring main clan, you’re hitting the sub.
  12. I see the hormone replacement therapy finally took hold. But which direction did you end up going?
  13. Don't fall for it, it's a trap!

    Definitely is just like the old days.