Pure Evil vs Foxes song

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  1. The only one sounding dumb here is dragon-code ... asking a simple question and the dude gets angry seems like he need somthing in is life maybe some feet rp hahahahhaha

  3. My alt is dragon-code
  4. You're right nerd i know nothing about rap. I am page 1 and on a few older threads.So bring it
  5. every villan is lemons

  6. Can you please explain?
  7. ur pure lemons
  8. nerds make like a bird
    who is this guy, never heard
    dragon skipped school, never learned
    hero's back, pure evil burns
    I murdered the rap, plead guilty court adjourned

    rhyme dead, dragon, nerds only friend
    you a couple, straight as a bend
    beautiful men, unable to win
    get out of here then, bin boy you trash
    your dad fat, has a lot of mass
  9. Part 3.

    GO cry to monster Garage. Our hit coming like a barrage. Trust me this ain't no mirrage. I'm really just camouflage. The den is now sabotage.

    As it Falling. I'm now recalling. These boy are really stalling. You don't know brawling. You should stick to sqaulling. Sorry darling.

    IG repeat. They feel the heat. Did you Buckle your car seat. I'm bringing a fleet. You can dance to this beat.while u hide by my feet. Just make sure your discreet.

    Part 4 coming soon.
  10. I found the foot rp!
  11. That was funny for about 30 seconds. you need new material. go troll roni thread.
  12. I was told your clan is best rp clan, why you mad bro?
  13. I can confirm their clan do toe sucking rp
    I heard that they are about to CF to foxes
  14. if this is true CF terms should be to disband ngl
  15. CF terms should be active toe rp in WC and disband yes yes yes!
  16. Corky from Life Goes On tho. Big LoLz
  17. You meant that right. Your welcome, Stay in school. U looking dumb out here.
  18. I'm a French model. Smack your self please for being that dumb 2% that believe everything they hear.
  19. The only people looking like idiots are pure evil members u guys are outdate lol a bite like .... old stinky cheeze
  20. clue was in the "if this is true" dummy