Pure Evil vs Foxes song

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  1. Pretty sure dragon-code wants to invite us for feet and unicorn RP in his clan
  2. Ladies and gentlemen. another witty comeback by zafts town bike. Can we get a round of applause from the has been? Haj your totes adorbs. Holding on to the memory of zaft so hard. Your poor knees and lips. Scuffed and chapped.
  3. This dude so salty
  4. In a private convo dragon asked me to rp with him ... he wanted to be a hippotamus sucking my toes .... i have ss to prove it
  5. Haha Haha. That's awesome. Please post the ss. I lost my copies.
  6. that was me silly
  7. In Kaw's glory days A.D.H.D kicked pure evil's ass.
  8. Prehaps you could bring back dragon to his sens he is so angry he changed so much since we did this RP me and him *don't tell ladytyph she gon be mad at me*
  9. lady gay u mean
  10. Keep dreaming. We are why they went inactive
  11. Bout time you came out of the closet. You came screaming out didnt you? Lol
  12. People don’t get hurt by farming anymore, u can get back what u lose in a day  pure evil = pure idiots
  13. whos alt are you :lol:
  14. Says the statless alt. Lmao
  15. Its Hajlets alt. Lol
  16. Dragon-code drop your he-man talk after that osw pure evil collapsed and folded and were never the same again.You lost Sugah who was the most dominant force within it and she joined Last rights and your hype man Yarmes retired from kaw and it was all over for p.e you bite the dust .
  17. I have to say i am in awe of Kasama's rap skills .You should continue it on Static's and trills cypher thread .
  18. You can definitely tell times have changed. Smack talk zaft and Carnage and they send Corky from Life Goes On to smack talk back. And all he can come up with is unicorns, and feet rp. And he was best and brightest thet have. Calling me salty? My clan still exists. Didnt lose it in a cf. Lolol
  19. Haha. We didn't have a sugah and Yarmes wasn't in pe. You obviously have your facts straight. just like you thought I bought this acct. If I was going to buy 1. I'm sure it'd be bigger than this. So troll elsewhere:)

  20. You sound dumb. I'm the greatest kaw has ever seen. Ur knee must really hurt with all that ass kissing.

    I'm also winning this battle. You clearly don't know rap. So......u know