Pure Evil Recruiting

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  1. Many of you have seen that Pure Evil has returned. In doing so we are looking to recruit. This isn’t a typical recruitment. Many clans want certain cs, builds, attitudes etc.

    Here is how we are different and what we are looking for.

    Be a badass.
    Be Drill compliant. (Ladies YOU will learn)
    Be willing to farm your own mother.
    Any cs welcome. We want ppl from every size bracket.
    Be a farmer or at least be willing to become one.
    Be ok with osw.
    Most importantly, you must be willing to have fun while getting noob tears.

    No osw runners. We will give the other clan permission to continue on you.

    We are a special brand of player. Being called a bully will happen every day.

    If you’re interested, read our clan page. It explains who we are.

    So if you’re a like minded player, apply and if you’re lucky, you could join us in the destruction of kaw.

    Long Live Devastation
  2. Sometimes I PE my panta
  3. might as well come along, if im ever to play this game properly again this is how id do it
  4. I really would but rl issues with one of your members. Maybe next time
  5. Do you just wanna get bored with tap tap. No you don’t. I come for a walk on the wild side. Promise you won’t regret it
  6. @fame, we know you can’t read mate. It’s cool. Your secret is safe with me since no one reads forums anymore 
  7.  I know not what you mean. Comprehend good. Also? Squat on a cactus.

    This character building, deeply intellectual "banter" is also guaranteed.
  8. I’m here to help in anyway I can
  9. DC just a helper monkey ;p