Pure Evil is back

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  1. Yes, you read that correctly. Pure Evil is back. Many of you will recognize some us from Pure Evil back in the day. We were The Pines for the last year. The Pines officially closed its doors and we moved to Pure Evil.

    To be very clear. We are not trying to recreate the original Pure Evil. The game changed and we have adapted to it.

    We are not affiliated with any clan. We have friends from all over kaw, and even more enemies. So if you show up on our radar, it’s already too late for you.

    Will there be any farmfest? No clue. Most of us are far too lazy to do the legwork. So don’t ask.

    We don’t do alliances and definitely will not merge with your clan. We are our own entity and if we wanted to join you, we would’ve applied at your clan.

    Long Live Devastation
  2. No support. Say no to bullies
  3. Slayyyyy 

    Ignore Wib, he has small guy syndrome.
  4. Pure Evil makes my tum tum hert booby clan
  5. That’s an interesting concept. I hope it works out for you guys
  6. Yes yes yes!
  7. Let the fun begin. Who doesn’t love Boobies.
  8. hmmm this could be fun, hope the clan does well
  9. Good stuff. Cheers and best of luck.
  10. That sounds cool. :eek:
  11.  welcome back
  12. Complete support
  13. Long live devastation
  14. No support. DC is a bully.
  15. I am!!! How dare I hit ppl in a war game. I’m going to go play COD and not shoot anyone. This game is ridiculous 
  16. Ahhh, now this is beautiful to see. Been too long. Welcome back to the land of the living, full support. 
  17. Long Live Devastation. Long Live NotWilson army
  18. Not Wilson Army 