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  1. Alright, I know that Thanksgiving is a holiday that is looked over a bunch and it sort of bugs me. You get to eat awhile bunch of food that is super good. And you can go hunting. That is pretty much it, but it is great. I would like to ask if you are reading this garbage that I am posting to take a minute and think of some you are really thankful for and then go shoot up some little critters (for example I shot bunch of fat birds right in the face and I am thankful for guns, guns are great.) Y'all tell me about your Thanksgiving and hunting stories in them comments. So this year I hope Y'all have a great Thanksgiving, get fat buy a gun, go shoot some birds or deer or something, grow old, buy a house in the middle of nowhere, get shotguns, sit on your porch with your shotgun, shoot stuff that looks like it should be shot, live a happy life, live hard, and die doing something awesome, don't just slip out of it in the hospital, have some fun with it, life's a party.
  2. Hello, PeeWeeKid!

    I have not celebrated Thanksgiving since there are no events to it, but I can say I did have a great life so far! But that means I do not have any stories about Thanksgiving to share.

    I ate some great food. It was really delicious, but I can't tell ya..it's secret!

    And no....No shotguns, no weapons.
    Just sitting on a garden under the sun...is the best.

    This makes peace, and no war! Life is really enjoyable, PeeWeeKid!
  3. Thanks for posting this!:) I like to remember everything God has provided for us! I enjoy shooting guns and I LOVE eating:)