A Beginning GaWers Guide to KaW

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  1. A Beginning GaWers Guide to KaW

    Table of Contents
    1. Buildings(bosses)
    2. Growth
    3. Clans(Families)
    4. Epic Battles(family jobs)
    5. Quests(jobs)
    6. Conclusion

    1. Buildings

    Buildings, or bosses in the GaW tongue, are important if you plan on having any fun in this game.

    You're at an advantage already because if you've used your redemption code.

    If you've used it you should have, 25 billion in gold, all your Lowlands explored, and ten health crystals(10 ADR).

    So in KaW, there are three major builds. Attack build(like a power build), Hybrids(like a mixed build), and Hansel(like a respect build).

    If you wish to be like an attack build(power build), follow the following steps on your lowlands for buildings.

    Replace your guild(respect building) with a lvl 1 Stronghold of Shadows.

    Then build 11 War Aviaries(like Solomon Khans). Level each of those up to level 3.

    This will get you some decent stats(around 450kcs) and you can get into most clans that run ebs(family jobs) that you can hit and get gold.

    If you wish to be a hybrid, do the build of an attack until get into the Highlands. By then you'll know the basics and can figure out a hybrid.

    If you wish to be a hansel, following the build set up on your lowlands.

    Build 2 War Aviaries and 12 guilds(like scorpio's). Upgrade those to level 4.

    You'll have around 420kcs and you should be able to get into a decent clan in search of gold.

    2. Growth and Allies

    Growth is essential in the world of KaW. Whether it's to have fun or be known, it's much needed.

    You'll need allies(Mercs) so you can get plunder bonus, like cash bonuses.

    To test max plunder, hire a small ally, hit a player or EB. If it goes up hire a large one, repeat process. Process is practically the same as in GaW.

    Allies(like mercs) can be difficult to keep, so once you hire an ally with your leftover gold from upgrading, hire a decent ally.

    Allies that are pro-members won't be reset by the devs. So look for those. If you can't find those, hire the one with the largest stats... So you get bonus stats from allies.

    3. Clans(Families)

    Clans, are like Families, they are awesome and fun to be in if you're in the right one. Though, in KaW, their isn't as much loyalty as in GaW towards family. But if you find the right one that is full of fun and loyal people, I suggest you stay their.

    It's good to be in a clan, especially as a new player in KaW. Why? Well for the same reason as in GaW, they help you grow, learn the game, and usually just stay active.

    Clans cost 25b to start, they have admins, and have a chat(clan chat, like family chat).

    Clans in KaW like people who are active in cc and in EBs. So if you're not a big talker, just drop in a hello or wassup here and there.

    Clans also have something called ebs.. Which leads us to the next part of this guide.

    4. Epic Battles(Family Jobs)

    EBs are the same thing as a Family Job. However they have made the game a bit more less warlike. However, that doesn't mean you can't start wars.. Just most clans stick with EBs.

    There are tiers of EBs like there are tiers of Family Jobs. They have bonus payouts at the end and pay better than the BL usually... EXACTLY like family jobs.

    However, KaW has waaaaaaaaaaaaay more tiers and also have promo ebs. Basically they are pay to use ebs.

    Haunting: The Escape
    Requires a Seal of the Damned. 3x more plunder than a regular Haunting(the best paying EB due to an item phase).

    Revenge of the Warbeasts
    Requires a Horn of Calydor.
    3x more plunder than a Warbeasts.

    Those two are grrrrrrrrrreat for new players to grow(especially Revenge of the Warbeasts).

    Now I'm sure you may be confused on what an item phase is... Well basically you use items bought in the marketplace(the black market) and you use it like you're attacking an eb.

    EBs are now the main way of growth. However OSWs do exist in the world of KaW. Grow before you get into them though.. They aren't very forgiving.

    5. Quests(jobs)

    Quests are like jobs, they're pointless after you complete them. Quests drop Health crystals(like adrenaline just different name).

    Quests also drop nobility points, which can be redeemed for gold, you can change your username, to regenerate troops, and buy things like Seals of the Damned and Horns of Calydor.

    Quests aside from that are one of the most unused things, however I liked doing them.

    6. Conclusion

    So that is pretty much all any GaWer needs to know about starting out in KaW. It may seem to be difficult at first, but it is possible!

    Thanks for reading and I hope you have a long and prosperous KaWreer. ;)
  2. Basic GaW Slang

    Adrenaline - Health Crystals

    Crew Chat - Non-Existent in KaW

    Bosses - Buildings

    Families - Clans

    Family Jobs - Epic Battles

    Family Chat - Can Chat

    Power - Attack Stats

    Respect - Spy Stats

    Mercs - Allies

    **Basic GaW Slang**
  3. **Update History**

    3/17/15 - Minor grammar fixes and information added.

    4/29/15 - Information added.

    5/3/15 - Information added and grammar fix, fixed BB code break after update.

    7/27/15 - Added a basic slang guide.
  4. Personally I would skip War Aviaries and move directly to either Cursed Foundries or Circle of Elements.

    Otherwise, very good guide with very good effort. I also like how you connected KaW language to GaW language. :)
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