Z'uthmerak Hospitalized

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  1. No,no,no...I know it looks like a dojo but he was hospitalized when he went thru rehab. Least ways,thats my assumptions.
  2. :lol:
  3. All I know is me and that squid would be a cute couple and make beautiful half squid babies
  4. But is it a squid or an octopus? In one picture I counted 9 limbs. It could be a squoctopus
  5. OMG I finally found a picture of PurpleEyelash!

  6. Is this z and his partners child? Lol
  7. Our baby  and plenty more to come from I'm already bursting with twins
  8. @AshesofEden

    This offends me as a vegan transgender atheist who vapes and crossfits 4 times a week and im also a male feminist as I identify myself as a pastafarian apache helicopter dog mega multi combo god of hyper death and if you dont agree with me You're an ignorant arrogant globaphobic sexist lesbian
  10. Tf that kid just say...
  11. I've seen enough of *ahem* to know where this is going.