Z'uthmerak Hospitalized

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  1. The Tale of Z'uthmerak

    Many of KaW knows Z'uthmerak as a mean monster who wrecks havoc on small kingdoms..

    But Z (Too lazy to type the whole name) is just a regular guy like us..

    All he wants is to meet a nice chick and have a normal life... And get paid more than the minimum wage that ATA pays him..

    One day.. While out grocery shopping.. He meets the chick of his dreams (*insert sappy romantic musik)

    She encourages to follow his dreams.. "What do you want to be?" She asks..

    "I want to be a wrestler!" Z exaims..

    "Follow your passion" She encourages..

    "OK!... Can we spoon first?" *Deleted scene with the Chikka-Bow-Wow music

    So Z works out.. Learns the techniques.. Gets buffed and started taking on other monsters in wrestling.. *Eye of the Tiger music

    He defeats the reigning champ "Doc Oc" and becomes filthy rich..

    Z is now famous and fame starts to get into his head.. *I'm on a boat! song plays

    He starts to throw wild parties.. Hawt chicks everywhere! *Gin and Juice song plays

    Hawt chicks everywhere!!!.. But alas, his sweety leaves him as he has become a monster who forgot wha he wants in his life.. *Go your own way... song plays..

    Z was crushed.. He knew he lost his way.. And his passion and dreams have slipped away while he was partying..

    He enters rehab to purify his mind and cleanse his body of evil influences .. *Kenny G plays..

    And finally.. Z gains his old self back again.. And challenges the slimy wrestling champion Frog (Our KaW Player Frog) in front of live PPV! *Katy Perry Roar plays..

    Frog was no match for the old Z.. The whole of KaW cheered as Z kicked Frog's Ass Alas.. Z found redemption...

    And he apologized to his sweety..

    ...and they lived happily ever after! *KaW background musik plays.. THE END

    *KaW background music keeps playing cos you can't figure out how to turn it off..
  2. KaW/10 , best of, wuld bang, ggwp
  4. You mean this guy.......

  5. Mmmmmm I really like hentai.. I mean tentacles

    Yeah, tentacles..
  6. These pics are very disturbing.

    Lolwut, I must find this brb
  7. Entertaining as always! Haha I'm not even gonna ask where you found these pics or from what wierd ass movie they're from. Just when I thought I'd seen it all.... BOOM! ...A judo bomb to the brain!


  8. I'm glad Z managed to end up with the girl of his dreams, though...

    That was a real nice touch. Gave my tear-ducts a bit of the old exercise.
  9. I don't know whether to clap or rip my pants off in protest.

    I'll do both to be safe.
  10. Indeed,it is a golden oldie. But I still don't know what late night creature feature movie that is though! Hmmm... 0_o
  11. I'm gonna home wreck and date him instead

  12. PurpleEyelash sounds like Princess Arkosa

    If I wasn't in self imposed forum exile, I'd do Arkosa..

    I mean, I would write a story of Princess Arkosa..

    Suzanne style..
  13. A thread with a beginning, middle and end, presented in a coherent manner.

    Awesome gifs, and bless you, PUNCTUATION!!!

    We like this as much as devs like money.
    Part 2?

  14. Please do, I love when you release the kraken..
  15. No where in this was the squid hospitalized. False advertising. I demand a refund.
  16. Was trying to figure out where hospitalization came in, myself... :s
  17. It's the latest trend. All the cool kids are doing it. If your thread title isn't a slightly altered version of another thread title in at, you just aren't hip.

    Get with the times, my damie
  18. Oh...And, here I was trying to collect a bank of 'no1curr' gifs since last Thursday...
  19. So all of a sudden its 'hip to be square' again? Damn these 'fast times'. :lol: