The Mage finally revealed!

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  1. HardKaw players who had many nights of insomnia, indigestion and heartburn brought on by the Malevolent Mage and his resets (especially since trading was introduced and we had to enchant the hell out of the equip on our Alts),..

    ...might have noticed in the latest legend (about building some wall *roll eyes emoji.. *expecting trolls to take the thread to that direction *then realizes even trolls don’t read forums too much anymore),..

    ... that the devs have finally asked their artist extraordinaire to finally give us the picture of..

    ...The Mage!!!!

    *Due to Photobucket greed, I am too lazy to insert the picture here..

    So.. what do you think?.. what comes to your mind after finally seeing the tormentor of our dreams in the flesh (well.. pixelated flesh)..?

    Mosses? Gandalf? Saruman? Pai Mei?


    *Yes.. Yes.. low effort thread.. I feel shame.. I’m in osw damnit.. (by osw, I mean rigorously trading charms)
  2. Use imgur :cool:
  3. Assassinate yourself.
  4. I’m not crazy or imagining right?.. The Mage showed up in those “conversations” in the last legend right?

    He’s like holding a book or something..

    May be the 10 KaWnmendements

  5. You’re welcome ashes :)

    *violently swears at the Mage*
  6. Lmfao Ash. But we all knew (well guessed) he was a skinny Santa Clause .

    Happy kaw'ing 
  7. Thank you so much Moody!!

    That dude (The Mage.. not Moody) is so Dope y’all.. he haz like levitating book n stuff..

    *violently swears at the Mage*
  8. That isn't the guy who transmutes our stuff :|
  9. I miss you
  10. Umm.. if u miss the mage, just go enchant ur L9 Rime Moth

  11. 
  12. That mage is the "bad word that starts with an A" who keeps wasting my Aqua and inferno ever since I started playing.

    I want to chase him with fire and a pitchfork
  13. What is he 8 feet tall? His beard is a good 3ft long and doesn't even go past his waist
  14. I always imagined the mage as more like this..

    U know.. leggy with a hint of “reset to zero”
  15. Looks like a cross between Moses & Leon Russell(in his later years,)which would explain a lot of those resets. :roll:
  16. He looks blind maybe that's why he screws us over so much.
  17. RP
  18. I was expecting a hot female mage with beer and boobs but alas. Ashes can only do so much xD