CEDRIC59 STRIPPED OF 150B?!?!!!! WATCH OUT TFK

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by xGh0stx, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. Thanks blackbird. Couldn't figure that out.

    I've been forums banned, but I didn't know everything was deleted for Scarlet.

    Makes sense as there were pics posted by him of someone who wasn't him.
  2. Swabia don't be /that/ mean.
  3. It's true Nom..

  4. I know it's true, but scar is still my friend. It's not that nice to just stand there and read a friend get insulted. :c
  5. Scarlet was the KaW creep of all time.

    Reward: banned.

  6. Scarlet was epic. My respects to him.
  7. Uh, how was I being mean?

    I think if I were mean it'd be more obvious.
  8.  for grave digging , but
    for reading a little history. I thought all these old NAL then NAG/Hollow war threads were lost.
  9. Omg swab why did u bump this 2yrs old thread?
  10. I didn't know SS got all his stuff deleted. Didn't make any sense.

    Besides I do like the propaganda of those past destroyed to show up on forums once in a while. Xgh0stX is one of the funniest trolls in NA.
  11. Agreed about reading history. But I wouldn't call ghost a troll. Flamer maybe ghost was nothing but a loud mouth little albino boy using hacked cards.
    My dear Swabia .You insult the true master troll's of that war buy including him in there company.
    those include but are not limited to.
    And yourself.
  12. Can't forget foamy on the troll list
  13. True roach, I do love it so.
  14. Foam wasn't really a troll, he fit the flamer status
  15. Eh I guess that's true. Still liked to watch him blow up either way.
  16. Wow this threads old
  17. Interesting bump on this thread...the ss stuff all getting deleted...news to me also...should have happened years ago, after the quitting thread when ss went loco....was very funny stuff thou.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.