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  1. But of course.....I will play myself in this story of Oz

  2. Throw a bucket of water on you and you melt ...still no excuse for poor hygiene, you smell like wet Toto

  3. Entertaining for sure
  4. Sorry for the delay folks! I had some summertime visitors that I was showing around etc.. Atleast the forest fire smoke have cleared to a degree where we can enjoy the outdoors again..

    Updated with the chapter at the Queen's hotel at Leeds..

    Some quotes from Hamlet and King Lear and even the Tempest were thrown in there..

    If you want to hear the scream of the demons, try this Blakwall cover of Knock'in on heaven's door

  5. How dare you mock the Arcane and the Tarot!!!

    Who wants to see me draw Tarot on Lili?!

    I will draw 3 cards..

    Her past.. her present.. and her future!
  6. Wow ,the red Queen chapter is so clever .Playing cards but using tarot cards.And uncanningly each card that is drawn bears a strange resemblence to how we all know them in kaw and their personality. That eeriely intertwines the story even more spookily between kaw world and real world.Or are we trapped in both ?!! This scene really blew me away full of tension and when the tarot card people came to life it gave me chills haha.You should take it to a publisher Ashes because this story is so captivating .You cant keep your talent from the world a minite longer .
  7. Hahaha tell me my fortune, oh the great R'Ash-putin

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    Bout time ya posted again

  9. ....I see Pancakes 


  10. The catfish spirit animal can help you identify your hidden thoughts and actions. There are many life lessons that you can learn from the catfish symbolism, such as swimming through the currents of life to survive, and striking a balance between your thoughts and emotions.

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  12. Great old school post