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  1. Why would you KaW when you're surrounded by such beautiful places? ;(

    Other than the toilet picture ofc. 
  2. My basement is so dingy 

  3. Shoulder season is the best for snowshoeing on sunny days..

    To the right are the ski hills.. The left are the Lions (Vancouver's Lions gate bridge is named after them)

    Hardcore snow shoers hike up the ski hills.. (We're just too broke to pay for lift tickets)

    Hehe.. More to come as the hike goes

  4. You have to be extra careful of melting snow when you go spring snow shoeing..

    There are deep holes on ice and snow like in the pic above.. With the forest shadows and the paths being muddy and covered with leaves etc, watch out for these holes..

    Not quite a crevasse.. But it'll swallow ya

    #1 Rule of hiking in snow still remains..


  5. Finally.. The Eagle Bluffs..

    Yes.. It is really named after our mod Eagle..

    ...ofcourse you can see the Eagles!..

    They are Bald Eagles..

    Snowshoes look so out of place on a sunny day like this..

  6. To show the immersive panorama of this place.. Here is the sweep of the view

    And here's the zoom in on the mount Baker (in Washington U.S) on the left side on the panorama..

    Mt. Baker almost looks like a cloud in the mist..

  7. Bye Eagles!., heading back out of cell range..
  8. You get that and I get Glasgow 
  9. Beautiful Ashes!!! We are so lucky ️

  10. Hardcore hikers also go skinny dipping whenever we see waterfalls..

    Canadian rule of waterfalls and skinnydipping..

    If it is flowing.. It is warm enough to skinnydip under it..
  11. Eeww outside D: