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    awesome idea and you got my supportQQ
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    Need help with anything
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    Nobody thinks CAKE is a good Idea.:/
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    um I'm just advertising right now. hoping to get more members and maybe some stronger ones. you're our strongest statistically so far, trainwrecksarefunny.
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    tbagurmom added. Welcome to the clan!
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    jamisawesome added. Welcome!
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    Roster coming soon. 9 members so far and many pending. Posting members when there are at least ten.
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    I have UNO member.:)
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    Bump for the republic
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    Well...may the CAKE clan be in your gratitude.
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    We at 10 yet
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    Yes, we are in fact at ten. Two very possible joiners too. Here's the roster:

    Modern Republic members

    Attack build representative-
    Attack build representative-
    Spy build representative-blumpy
    Spy build representative-
    Mixed build representative-
    Mixed build representative-


    Spy group

    Attack group

    Mixed group


    Beginner group
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    Ha I'm the only mix  power to me
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    Hmm is it ok to conc mainly on def? Meaning upgrade mainly on barracks first
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    What build you going for
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    any build is allowed in the clan. we accept all. but if you want advice on how to build, read the guides and follow ur preference.
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    MetalMike added! Welcome to the clan! :)