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    The best way for a small clan is to wall recruit, build the momentum, and show your addition of each new member on the forums, this will encourage more ppl to join via forums.
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    Alright, thanks for the advice :)
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    I wanna join. I didn't know there was clans in this game
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    EMOJI!!!! I think people tend to look when things are flashy...but don't over do it...gives headaches...never make things too long...ppl won't read...always make sure all the important stuff is there....ummmmm....make sure u have ranks....try to advirtize...ummmm can't think of anything else...
    Look at FAIL clans and look at ALIVE clans and try not to go the sane way as the fails....hope that helps
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    Yeah make like...

    Welcome Name
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    Wow, thanks for the advice. Looks like I have a new member!

    PringleHill added. Welcome!
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    Long live the republic! (aka, bump)
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    Hmm, if you don't like clans, think of this more as a social experiment.
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    lol, guess what poon, you're one of those new clans.
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    @blumpy Great idea! Very unique.

    Don't listen to poontastic, he is a tool.
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    thanks :) would you like to join?
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    Lol, leadership? If you consider running your mouth getting people mad at you and being an idiot, you are the best leader ever.
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    thanks for the support. May we please curb the argument?
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    Want to take a vote? Let's ask kaw weather they think the world would be better without you, or me.
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    Not trying to knock the clan but only about 500 or 600 of the years were republic not the full1000. The rest was run by ceaser. If modeling after them might wanna alter a lil LOL 
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    It's not the best way to make a clan...
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    I vote EVERYTHING would be better without poon
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    Sry blumpy, this guy is just extremely annoying, poon, let's get off this thread.
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    Paratroika, actually, there was still a representative government even when Caesar was ruling. Caesar was meant to be the enforcer, but he gained too much power. I hope that doesn't happen here.