Blumpy'sBar & Grill

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by lililililililililil, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. This is for Joe 
  3. Yup. Keep it going. It's a Bar and Grill now. So anyone can chat here after work or school and just let loose after a long day.

  4. What's up? 
  5. This thread is MR aged :p
  6. For Me. this is 1 year old
  7. happy anniversary MR
  8. hey brotaskis :)
  9. hey pink :) long time no talk :D
  10. let's get this post kaw town. we can do it
  11. we all now know KaW town us full of spam
  12. id rather have this thread filled with 30k posts of friends chillen than 200k pots of spam :D if you were in MR durngthe forum days and want to chill with old friends message me for the pal room name :D
  13. u say mmmmmm to much klass just say what ur thinking :twisted:
  14. Found it Sholron