Blumpy'sBar & Grill

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by lililililililililil, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Hugs and Kisses
  2. right back at u babe :)
  3. Lets destroy kaw town with this!!!!!
  4. ***Smells the nostalgia and dirty socks*** smells like home! 
  5. It's Rhysssssss!! Where's our cake?! It's been awhile okie. Hope the family and little one are doing fine nowadays
  6. Yah it has been a while hasn't it? Well Emma and the family are doing good. I do have to wait till the wife isn't looking to even open this App. But that's half the fun!

    Here's your cake  
  8. BaH!! Booo on spammers. We prefer to have conversations. Fun, smarty, dirty conversations.

    That's good to hear Rhys. So getting the Mrs to join in the fun didnt work huh? darn. She should talk to some of the couples playing KaW together. You should visit and meet some of the new members Rhys. There are several Texans now lol. We need some Okie pride to keep the balance
  9. Lol santos I defently agree with that statment, fun, smarty, dirty;
    that basicly sums up alot of both this thread and the MR family...
    Lol, love U guys!!!!!!!
  10. *mutters under breath & picks at ear wax*
  11. This could be the new kaw town
  12. Whats to eat here?
  13. anything that your heart desires ;)
  14. I'm sad no has posted in awhile, MR needs to keep this thread alive!
  15. Hey pinky lets keep up the task yeah :p
  16. Lol, well we do knowR should be #1 on the LB, idk why those nood clans are ahead of them...
  17. lol what?