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  1. This is the former Modern Republic chat thread. They have requested that I change the title. This thread is now open to all chat! Enjoy!

    -Blumpy, the renegade
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    Short explanation please?
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    lol sorry. uh, it's basically a republic instead of a monarchy like other clans. this will give clan members more representation. wanna join?
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    Umm, Maybe, I'm in Midnight Clan but I like the sound of your group. so I'll give you  cake slices out of a whole cake(5 slices)
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    Wow, thanks.  I love cake.
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    Make CAKE. Ur subclan! XP
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    lol does this mean you're joining?
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    Ahh mote like being closely associated with your clan, I can't join but I can be a voluntary member.
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    Must say, amazing idea , although I won't join because I'm part of a clan already, you have my support.
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    Thank you 
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    Yeah first on the second page!!
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    Mcfail people, do not post here, It would be disrespectful to the person who spent time to put this together. (that means you Cyrus)
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    Would be nice if I cpuld put that on my page.
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    I understand, Storallite. I know it's not a good time for a new clan, but I just thought this would be an interesting idea.
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    Just because my clan is awesome..!
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    WAH!!! 

    Ok goodluck
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    My clan is lonely...

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    Please spell it right.
    I'm sick and tired of ppl spelling my name wrong...well this is the first time...same can't be said for my real name though...PEOPLE SPELL MY REAL NAME WRONG ALL THE TIME......sigh
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    My bad  anyone know any good recruiting tactics?