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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by slayerbob, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Mods are and always have been players with a green name and the ability to silence. Yes we're helpful and knowledgeable too but there are players who aren't mods that meet that criteria as well. I don't get why people like to differentiate us so much. We are here to play the game same as everyone else.
  2. Not me. I'm here to silence everyone with this crazy silencing power we have.
  3. Well yeah. There was that as well. I shared that awe some task with moose and a few others. Including avatar and vixen I believe.
  4. Attention mods... Shut up
  5. Get a real job
  6. It's this behavior that we must remove from KaW.

    The mods have obviously gotten drunk from the power that they hold and we as a KaWmunity must band together against a common enemy.

    Or else we will all become like user20112.

    I will not allow you to shake this off as a joke.

    This is a srs issue and everyone will hear of this, u poopypants.
  10. Im also a fan of sherlock