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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by slayerbob, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. No where does it say not to post until 7 people have replied.

    Dont post multiple times in a row, and dont post multiple threads at a time. Its called spamming and post count farming when you do that.

    Also, this thread is a classic. It is not considered necro bumping, because it is still very much relevant.
  2. You're a moron, and I'm saying that...
  3. Relevant to what? op is about nothing at all

    and that's exactly what moody told me, that I can't reply to comments as come, I have to wait until 6 or 7 people comment them I only get one reply

    when I confronted him for making arbitrary rules that don't apply to anyone else but me he blocked me from his wall
  4. I too was unaware but now that I have viewed this thread... I've realised that I've missed very little.

    Other than this moody drama ofc.
  5. Ok, you provided the screenshots, now stop contradicting them. Moody simply said to consolidate your posts, because you were posting multiple times in a row to reply to several different comments.

    He did not say 7. I don't know where you got that number. He said several, which can mean anything from like 2-4, which is good because it is up to a moderator.

    You've probably heard this before, but if you feel a mod is abusing their powers and creating arbitrary rules just for you, then tell the devs.

    If moody blocked you, thats probably because you were annoying. A mod shouldnt have to put up with a lot of what they do, and i think its ok for them to block people.

    Quit thinking your so special. Those same rules apply to everyone.
  6. Zorkay, you defend this mod so blindly.

    Take note that this is the second time moody has been in the lime light.

    My question, why are they the only mod being exposed?

    Could they actually be doing something wrong?
  7. Whenever I see x_x make a post:

    I shockingly fail to see your point on this thread other than to bash me old friend. I did indeed give you some friendly advice to avoid your threads being locked for consistent spamming. To a point where if nobody had posted on your threads for a few days, you would post several times in a row with single quote and responses. All I ask(ed) is that you consolidate your responses into one nice post rather than 5. It's hardly an unfair request.

    Kasama, I get that you don't like me. I don't know what I've done but your continued mocking of my previous threads as well as your statement here makes it clear.

    Frankly, it matters little to me if anyone likes me on this game. I do my job to the best of my ability and if that means I tell a spammer to consolidate his posts on threads or I silence someone in wc for inappropriate behaviour on this app then I'm doing my job well.

    Does that mean that everyone agrees with my decision? Heavens no. Does that mean I'm going to stop doing my role? Again. Heavens. No.

    If you have a complaint about me then send a ticket to support and I'm sure they will happily respond. If you feel support can't help you then maybe it isn't me doing something wrong...

    Until later... Adieu.
  8. You misunderstand, I don't dislike you.

    I just find using your previous series name entertaining.

    You act like you're the only mod who is getting disagreed with publicly :lol:

    I have no complaints about you but two players do.

    I think this is what these kawers are exploiting, your inability to disregard.

    Regarding the bolds, they seem so emotionally involved. Almost as if you're playing victim.

    Such a unique mod.
  9. An interesting and insightful point, fair play.
  10. The main thing I want to say on this is that mods have to make calls from time to time to do what they think is best for the community. In the case of what moody advised he was trying to prevent excessive spam and from threads being bumped excessively. The way some players react to mods making these decisions is understandable as not everyone has the same view points and some people lack the ability to see from another point of view.

    Just wanted to end saying this. Moody is a brilliant mod and was a highly experienced forumer before becoming a mod and he knows from experience what kind of things end badly and what's beneficial for the forums. I saw no issue in how he responded to the issue and will gladly back him up.
  11. I hate Moody, I love Moody, I hate that I love Moody, don't wanto, but I can't put, no other mod above Moody.

    Actually I love Drgn moar, but don't tell Moody that. He might divorce me :cry:
  12. But.. but... I thought you lov'd meh
  13. Do I have to watch Delphin strip?

    Can I get some sushi up in this piece?
  14. The latter phrase being quite contrary to your own behaviour as a mod.
  15. I heard we had to watch Toast get buttered by Kool-Aid... I could be wrong, but that's what I came for.
  16. I remember the days when being a mod was a big deal. Now, it's just an account with a green name and a silence button.

  17. B-b-but that's all it has been. Like ever.
  18. Expect for the orangey mods of forums ( color scheme might be wrong)