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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by slayerbob, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. •The VIP manager has entered•
  2. Wow..blast from the blast
  3. Yes……
  4. From the past lol
  5. And.................. Bump

    Liven up a bit you silly emos in fan fic.
  6. Eh? I'm too busy coding stuff, being tired and reading to liven up.
  7. Yeah...we seem a bit closed.. Looking for a new owner 
  8. Walks in, sits down, and orders a cafe late with soymilk and splenda.

    Glances around the room and sizes everyone else up. :mrgreen:
  9. Storms in, drunk. Staggers to a seat, and misses completely.

    12 minutes later I finally scoop myself off the floor. (no thanks to you, jerk)

    I order: "Mayy I pleaserrorder some coffee pleash?
  10. *remembers he's the cook of the Lounge*

    Screw that.
  11. I thaught this was thrown in to fan fic?
  12. I miss this thread, so much.

    *sets out a memorial of coffee cups*
    I miss being the assistant bartender to the slave of a bartender......
  13. Bob plz reopen
  14. Just copy the beginning post into a new thread
  15. why copy this thread? it's nothing but spam fail
  17.  fan fic the one place the noobs haven't gotten.
  18. I remember this...