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  1. Haha Im not gon lie. That was pretty dope. I like the style you used and the material was solid. :)
  2. You came into my world
    but you didnt bring a weapon?
    ur trippin Zeth, get to steppin!
    You dont wanna have me wreckin
    chin checkin and disrespectin.
    ya whole flow lacks etiquette
    even predicates finish second! :cool:

    You claim to be the best at it
    the one that wrote the testament
    but when I checked the transcripts
    ...it didnt have Zeth in it! :cool:
    ya flow will be the death of this
    rap, but Ill be the champ of it.
    I put the Static stamp on it
    unlike Zeth he only damage it!

    You talk about disease and infection
    ...2 things you know well! :lol:
    I talk about releasing the weapon
    like beaches, im dumping the shells!
    look, Im sorry that your ignorance
    isnt highly inadmissible
    and all your fans want me
    cuz u made their life miserable!

    leave ya whip in my hood
    and Ima send a hoe to cop it
    this thread is like my projects
    get shot or stay on topic! :evil:
    Only Zeth became the object
    when he rapped against this prophet
    so I took his hoe and took a pic
    only you know I photoshopped it!

    cuz the girl that he loves
    is like a hungry hungry hippo
    bet she burned him with herpes
    nicknamed this gorilla girl, Zippo! :cool:
    She talks slow, Im thinkin she simple
    asked to sign her boobs with a pencil
    but her cleavage was pımpled... :roll:
    Signed a pic last and sped fast in the rental!! :lol:

    but Im not a rapper
  3. Zeth you're a travesty to Eazy-E
    when you speak only a virus oozes out worse than HIV
    you're noxious gases are the catalyst for the nuclear plants
    killing the japenese
    ill admit i see some substance, depth and wit
    you're still as legit as a fat kid trying to do the splits
    you wont "strike back", you dont know how to fight
    you put up about as much fight as a jew in auschwitz being gassed by the third reich
    you know how to brawl
    ill just dip and tuck
    as you flail around like a retarded donald duck,
    but seriously
    i see some auspiciousness and precocity
    but your entire tree is still a genealogical atrocity
    like the Rockefeller, Rothschild and Kennedy families
    you and I are on different planes and nexuses,
    you're reptilian using the brain stem while i operate from the prefontal cortex consciousness
    and ill go over my plan and water board you're ass while you wear that crown,
    like the orchestrated financial meltdown
    so please come back with articulate refutations
    and ill meticulously pick you apart and build you back up like Halliburton rebuilding nations
  4. That wasn't as bad as I thought would be, feel free to respond back zeth I'm experimenting on my raps, how people use history references in their lyrics a lot forget what it's called
  5. Vulture. 

    Jeez though man, lay off the historical tragedies.
  6. Milky is in the house tonight, I know y'all missed me.
    Nothing special just a fat white boy getting drunk on this whiskey.
    I've sat back long enough, being patient is tough, at home going through stuff that's rough but this ish is guff.
    Not battling anyone on this thread, just spittin' off the head with things that need to be said.
    I wanna talk about the status that our nation is in, people's patience be thin, it's racism again.
    Black, white, you versus me. But I need you to see, its US against the powers that be.
    They want to divide and conquer, makes us an easy target. But does joining together seem so far fetched?
    Nation divided over MEMEs on Facebook. Meanwhile you don't realize that Wall Street is a straight crook.
    Smoke screen pulling wool over our eyes, we should despise but instead we have hate in our eyes, towards each other, sisters and brothers, meanwhile they dissecting us all undercover.
    But people too blind to see what's really going on.
    You mad at the same people that be maintaining your lawn?
    Fox News wants us to hate each other based on racial completion.
    And the government is basing crimes on facial detection.
    Come on, man. That's not the plan. This sh*t's a scam.
    Judge a person not by his color but by the type of man.
    So we all too busy hating the white police but we too busy to stop and sing "What about peace?"
    This is what's been on Milky's mind lately.
    I'm sure some keyboard warriors are gonna hate me.
    And I'm fine with that, just happy to be back up in this thread.
    Imma finish this whiskey now and head off to bed.
  7. Dat mad throwback doe. Probably one of my favorites.

    I hereby declare Throwback Time! Find your best rap in the thread and repost it.
  8. When i get to the toilet, im gonna f****** destroy it! I hope i don't run outta tp cause this poopoo looks more like peepee! That burrito that i had after work was delicious! If i farted right now i'd be squirtin in my britches. Large coffee probably didn't help my predicament! My stomach feels like it's got a witch in it.

    I can feel the hot mud getting closer to hole can't wait to get home and post up on the bowl. But now i might not make it! My muscles are starting to give up and i don't know how much longer i can take it.

    Now i'm jogging and i'm squirting as i run, my legs are getting soggy and my boxers weigh a ton. So when i got bak to my place my homies said "damn you had a really bad case!"
  9. The burrito is making a run for da border!
  10. man that was ill, Milky! "judge not by the color but the type of the man", hats off for that bar.
  11. First time rappin for KaW Cypher 20, 15,
    Bars so fat that you can't call them lean.
    My skins white, hairs brown and eyes are green,
    Been roughing on you peeps, you be calling me mean.

    Living in this world full of privilege and crime,
    Wondering how people can even make time
    For each other -- which is why I would rhyme
    About my ideas which others just call benign.

    It's like I don't exist and I'm stuck in my own head,
    Things about reality that just need to be said.
    Instead -- everyone is stuck talking bout what they read,
    In magazines, mainstream, corporate threads.
    They soak the knowledge down then go to bed.

    They don't dream, they do as they're told,
    Because they all die when they are 20 years old.
    And I don't mean die like their body turns cold,
    But more along the lines that they kill their soul.

    Hopes and dreams are murdered in the first degree,
    Corporations and business are on a killing spree.
    You're taught to grow up and root yourself down like a tree,
    But all I wanna do is be me. And that's be free.

    For real, first time. Let me know what y'all think :lol:

    I like poetry so writing a rap is a lot different.
  12. Thats pretty solid and symmetrical, Versa. Good read and very thought-provoking. Yall on it tonight! Guess Ill try my own hand and see if anything wants out.
  13. Living in a world of cutthroats
    modern pirates and schemers
    Run by powerful corporations
    with no patience for dreamers!

    And the only way to take this
    is lie down and let em take us.
    theyre taxing everything we make
    and charging more to råpe us!

    We cant fight back, cant sit still,
    every dream dreamt seems hopeless!
    I was supposed to have a 10yr plan
    but er'thing after 5 is outta focus.

    Im choking, and near the end of my rope
    Not joking, fear is realizing ur broke!
    usin drugs to cope, rejection bein known
    Movies being warm, real life being cold!

    Living day by day with no object
    & pain from yesterday aint stopped yet
    its like a stopwatch halted my progress
    and casted me away, so thoughtless!

    Get back up and dust myself off
    and attempt to regather my thoughts.
    I made a list of everything lost
    but pride gone, at the highest cost.

    Wish I could beat everything with writin
    wish I could type away all indictments
    wish I could flash bright like lightnin
    and strike away every charge of no license

    but it doesnt work like that...
    world cant hear screams thats muffled
    deafening silence to no avail
    cant prevail against a Government hustle!

    I scream out but they wont hear me tho
    wont lend a hand when they near me, so

    I keep on pretending to be alive...

    but inside, I died years ago.
  14. I invoked Throwback Day. Why u no throwback.
  15. lol. Things took a turn for the serious so I followed suit.
  16. Government imposing views,
    Nothing good left on the news,
    People keep on killing Jews,
    Can't understand why power's misused?

    What happened to the land of the free?
    We burnt it up, with murder and weed,
    You can't deny, we've sewn the seed,
    Now we reap the whirlwind, nothing left to see.

    Unpopular opinion, yeah that's a fact,
    People don't care about soldiers in Iraq,
    Kids on the streets, burning weed and crack,
    I guess it's too damn late to take society back,

    We've got rapists and murderers lose on the streets,
    But the government too busy making sure "equality" meets,
    The standards they've set, are outrageous at least.
    If you see a democrat, you'd better kiss their feet.

    Otherwise, be sure to get turned in for something,
    Be it racism, and sexism, insensitivity, or nothing,
    You hear a gay man tell you to move, better know he's not bluffing,
    Otherwise, get fired, get shunned, get called a republican.

    Maybe a rant, maybe not, I just needed to vent.
    It ain't hard these days, to watch society get bent,
    By a leftists agenda, ignore the money they've spent,
    And just focus on tolerance, throw your views in the bin.
  17. I got that,

    Black tie, I'm so fly, can't touch this, I'm in the sky,
    Keep tryin, you're dyin', I go in, for the kill again,

    It's a sin to spend the time to try and try to defeat the guy who invented rap,
    Keep your chin up, your luck sucks, f***, I can't even see you stepping up,
    Nevermind, eye to eye, time after time I've proven I, am undisputed,
    But keep coming back, like a hackey sack, kick your ass back on track, that's wassup.


    Never thought you had what it took, but you were already lower than Yeezy in my book,
    I'm the king, the queen, the bishop, and a crook, all you've got to show is a single rook.

    Try to shape up before you take to the floor,
    Last time you tried, nobody wanted more,
    You're like a cross between Matty B and a cheap W****,
    The difference being, lil Matty's raps have scores.

    Swiggity Swoot, coming for dat booty, I'd ask your girls permission but she already knew me.
  18. A legit excuse for me to spit rage
    is seeing the cypher on the fifth page!
    We deserve to always grace the cover
    of actives, me and my brothers!
    The content here is the best yet
    Never forgotten, lest we forget!
    And I aint got patience or regret
    to stress or fret being forgot yet.
    We still on the top spot
    yea we own every bar thats hot
    and challenge all of KaW to drop
    but they too untalented to pop...
    so to the cypher writers, I give props
    yall hotter than a box of lava rocks
    so keep typing, never let the saga stop
    art is priceless, the opposite of a prada shop
  19. im into 70s music, so funk it
    *insert rhymes here just to bump it*