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  1. See any wildlife?

  2. thanks frog for slowing page 3 right down :lol:
  3. Amazing. Here its pretty much brown and not so beautiful to look at :/

  4. That is an amazing place Slaur..

    Doesn't look like winter at all hehe
  5. Do you live near Vancouver Ashes?
    I think you posted pictures of yourself cycling around Vancouver :)
  6. Ever do any fishing while you hike?

  7. Sweet pictures ashes.
  8. Lol this was a month back I think, but yeah its rained here like 2 times in last month definitely not winter weather. It just gets really cold at night.
  9. I don't have a good picture of the landscape but here's a picture of our sky from a few weeks ago, unedited

  10. Gorgeous pictures!
  11. This one is more recent. Looks totally different and its just on other side of one of these mountains.
  12. Oooo that path up the mountain looks sweet.. Dirt bike path? 4x4? Downhill mountain biking? Bus? 
  13. Awesome sunset Mule.. I love those kinds.. The sky just glows
  14. Go take a hike up the Chief if you're still in town. Awesome view.
  15. Most people hike it and ride down it on mountain bikes.
  16. Beautiful scenery
  17. Support