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  3. For the collectors out there, this next set is highly unusual in its quirk..

    A typical equip basically consists of 7 tiers of increasing stat and the top tier (There are various names for top tier like “Golden”, “Enchanted”, “Godforged”, “Grand”.. they are usually the image of the tier 7 but color enhanced (like godforged is green), goes up to Level 11 instead of 10, and has a gold halo)

    This is one of the few sets that goes beyond that norm..

    What makes this series very unusual is that there are 2 versions for tier 7 as well as godforged tier 8! .. (The total pieces in this set are 10 instead of the usual 8)

    There is a white and green version for both tier 7 and the godforged tier 8.

    Presenting to you,

    The Hermes Set

    First.. a little note on Hermès and Hermes..

    Hermes (“Air-mEEs”) is a Greek God.. among other things, he is a god of mischief and thieves.. He also wears winged sandals..

    Companies like Goodyear and FTD have Mercury (Roman equivalent of Hermes) inspired symbols in their logos.

    Now.. Thierry Hermès (named after the god) was a great French German maker of high end saddles and over the generations, his descendants started making bags.. That French fashion house is pronounced more like “Air-meSS”

    Back to the mischievous god Hermes(Mercury)..

    A very charming interpretation and embodiment of Mercury is played by Andrew Garfield in the weirdly excellent
    movie “Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” by Terry Gilliam.

    Also, in the spirit of fleet feet and Ancient Greece, if you ever travel to Olympia and visit the ancient Olympia archeological site, there is a rectangular “Stadium” where the ancient Olympic events were once held.

    Now, one concept I always try to do (in my crazy but delicious logic) is “re-feel” history.. ofcourse history is a recount of a past event and can hardly ever be accurate, but it’s great fun to do some things and feel some things that are related to the history of a place.

    So, if you are ever in that Stadium of ancient Olympia site, many people would do the sprint (like a 100 meter style dash) on that field.

    But if you are like me.. (And the day is warm enough).. you do the run Naked!

    First off.. you have to do it in style.. so you first go to the olive grove nearby and snap off like 2 branches of olives with length to go around your head, then you braid them to a crown.. make sure the ends stick out at the front..

    Now you are ready.. feel like an athlete of ancient Olympia at the very site, the very field.. competing in the Olympics..

    And run your ass off like the wind!

    *Note: We did that before internet and social media so I’m not sure if you want to do that in this day and age.. but the field is still there
  4. Oh.. for the Bronies out there.. if you rather prance around acting like you’re pulling Ben Hur’s Chariot.. the field also was used to be a Hippodrome.. so knock yourself out.. naked
  5. Allow me to share the player -TakeNotes- collection of

    Bows of Kaw!

    There are 16 known bows on KaW. 3 of them are at the current event. The other 13 are displayed here.

    In honour of these 16 bows, here are 16 famous wielders of bows in history and mythology and fiction.


    Yup.. that little dude probably did most damage with his bow than anyone else..


    Goddes of the Hunt.. guess what her main weapon of choice is..


    Hindu Deity.. wields a mystical bow to shoot down ten headed demons..


    Explosive tipped arrows! Rambo rocks

    5-Robin Hood:

    6-Genghis Khan:

    Archery and Cavalry = The unstoppable Mongol Hordes


    Most awesome Elven Archer of Middle Earth..

    8-Susan Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia):

    She can not only shoot the arrows but hit her enemies with her bow too in close combat.. Even Rambo didn’t do that!


    No.. not Paris Hilton.. the original Paris.. the Prince of Troy..

    Why is he famous with a bow? Umm.. you know who he took down with a shot to the heel!
    Umm.. Heels..

    10-Anonymous Welsh mercenary in Williams army:

    October 1066. In a real life Game of Thrones, King Harold was in trouble. Both the Vikings from the North and the Normans from France had claimed the throne of England and were coming for him.

    No problem.. Harold knew his land and he had his Anglo-Saxon Huscarls with their long bearded axes that can fell a horse and trained to swing from the left away from a typical right handed enemy’s shield side.

    He marched to Northern England and soundly routed the Vikings at Stamford Bridge.. now he marched his army all the way to southern England.. picked a Hill and dared William to “Come at me bro”

    But William had two things to his advantage.. the Cavalry that he brought from Normandy to the battlefront and draw enemies out.. and the Welsh mercenaries with a powerful weapon.. called the Longbow.

    If you ever visit Bayeux France, go see the Bayeux Tapestry.. it’s like an authentic medieval game of thrones.. and you will see the anonymous longbowman that took King Harold down.

    11-Green Arrow:

    One of the coolest thing about Green Arrow is that he wields a recurve bow.. it pack a much bigger punch for the limited length of a bow. Great for fights in back alleys and stuff..

    12-Abigail Whistler (Blade Series):

    When you’re hunting down Modern day vampires, you go hi-Tech and use a compound bow. I strongly suggest everyone to try shooting a compound bow atleast once.. the power is enormous.. it’s all to do with a genius way of giving you the most Power Stroke (The Distance the bow string travels from full draw to rest)

    13-Van Helsing:

    He makes it Cos he’s the only hero that I know who uses a crossbow..I think there is a dude in walking dead that uses a crossbow..

    14-Andromeda (Wrath of the Titans):

    First of all, Rosamund Pike is hawt. Second, that’s very close to a long bow.. She’s 5’9” and that bow she has in the pic looks pretty long and the longbows at their height in the 100 years war were 6’2” to 6’10” range in length.. and quite possibly in excess of 120 pound force of draw weight.


    Oh yes.. This Apache Warrior could shoot a mean arrow. Apache hunting and fighting tactics with bows and horses were very similar to the Mongols. Their bows were not especially big or powerful but they rely on speed and quick reloads to lay down a hail of arrows.

    And lastly..

    16-Katniss Everdeen:

    “And now people talk to me I’m slipping out of reach now
    People talk to me, and all their faces blur
    But I got my fingers laced together and I made a little prison
    And I’m locking up everyone that ever laid a finger on me
    I’m going in..Ahh”
  6. I worked hard for that set Ashes. Thanks for posting it on your thread!!!!
  7. What about Willam Tell who shot an apple off his son's head?

  8. Omg Lili!.. Now I got William Tell Overture stuck in my head now!!! Thanks... :D

  9. The Hidden statuettes set is UNIQUE!
    There are 8 total statuettes that do not show in showcase. Instead on your profile under perm items!

    Lots of players dont even notice they have them lol

    Shout out Alpha Psg Dog! For helping me out btw by providing me 1 of each.
  10. Nice job bro!
  11. These are also trade-able and have very good stats.... this thread keeps getting better and better...keep it up ash ;)

    Side note : the axe, gem , skull and helmet are NOT trade-able
  12. Ashes, I won’t lie. I was reading this thread and got all uncomfortable in the pants region. Something weird happened. And a magical feeling just overtook my body and I collapsed in a seizure like manner.

    Now I’m laying on Market Street in Boston smoking a stogie.

    Thank you.

    Anyone have a napkin?