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  1. I am calling this the “Sea to Sky” Set.. in honour of the Sea theme and the Sky themes as well as the scenic road between Vancouver and Whistler..

    This is actually across 2 EE seasons.. the first half is silver and gold color with the Sky theme.. the second half is blue and gold color with the ocean theme.

    Great names and fully enchanted, they glimmer with so much gold halo..

    This “2 halves” full set covers all 12 slots as well .. for some reason, you cannot get them all at the Alchemist..

    So trade away! And come to Vancouver in the summer, rent a mustang convertible, drop the top.. and go cruising from sea to sky!
  2. Looks good. Kickass job. Dunno where u find the time nd drive tbh. 
  3. As opposed to you spending 2500 dollars on a certain something from Dawson? :lol:
    Not your first time either. Sit down fool.
  4. This next Gnarly Set conjures scenes of enchanted forests and midsummer night’s dreams and that scene when Ents got pissed and tore Isengard down.

    The Druid Set..

    “They require shade and covering, they require kneaded bread and wine and oil, and if any of these things fails them, they perish; for us, on the other hand, any grass or root serves as bread, the juice of any plant as oil, any water as wine, any tree as a house.

    Furthermore, this region is familiar to us and is our ally, but to them it is unknown and hostile.

    As for the rivers, we swim them naked, whereas they do not cross them easily even with boats. Let us, therefore, go against them trusting boldly to good fortune.

    Let us show them that they are hares and foxes trying to rule over dogs and wolves.”

    — Druid Queen Boudica to her warriors in the rebellion against the Romans. Britain. A.D 60
  5. Do ppl just ignore all the lb accounts that joined Chaos Reborn in a one week time span? Post on your main coward...calling other ppl fools lol
  6. It’s nice seeing the old EE season equipment again .... makes me remember a time when war eq was the most sought after and coveted stuff in all of Kaw...and people wore it with pride
  7. Right on PsG DoG..

    Time to introduce you to the First ever Full Set of equip in KaW..

    A little back story.. when equip were first introduced, they were all over the map.. the early EB equip were kind of working towards a cohesive art and storyline themes (eg. The Hawthorn and Moutos ebs started to have a slightly cohesive silver and green theme equip drops but they never went the full set - being 12, one for each slot)..

    Now Devs started having a much more cohesive set starting with scorpion and Jorathe eb series..

    But the first EE season came along.. and there.. for the first time, they released a Full 12 piece set that you will find below..

    KaW’s first cohesive full set..

    I am calling it the “Red Paladin” Set..

    This ee (to be bought by Mith) is an awesome set.. a side funny note.. devs made Mith available to buy (unlimited) for a period way back then but only the rich could afford it..

    Anywhoo.. this was an excellent set..
    Powerful, the red color theme is gorgeous.. and the art is awesome..

    The Soulreaper was a powerful equip and it looked like it would belong in the second set (in place of the nightbringer which has a bit more red in it).. but the nightbringer was definitely released for the second set which I will cover in the next post..

    This was a great start. A full 12
    Slot set that had a great theme and color cohesion..

    Paladin Knights have been referenced since the old history of Europe.. in This short story that I wrote a while ago, I have paid homage to the Paladin Knights of Charle Martel (Charles the Hammer, grandfather of Charlemagne).
  8. I want the golden goldreaper set, if anyone has it contact me ty lol

  10. That is a magnificent collection DE0XYS..

    We are still trying to see what the deal with the owl helm but basically, Godforged is a “super” set.

    1) For each of the 12 slots, there were events where different tiers of equip were released

    2) There are 6 for each equip.. and then the top equip gets this green Godforged treatment.

    3) It is given to Top 10 collectors

    This is a “Set” in a sense of all godforged fit into the 12 slots

    There are two mysteries there.. may be the forum folks can help out..

    1) For The Owl Helm, we still could not find a godforged version (green, L11)

    2) Gwyllenbjorn shield Set didn’t have a Godforged version either.. it is an “extra” set inna sense that the two weapon slots are already taken..
  11. Yes, the illusive level 11 owl helm (if it exists) oh the mysteries
  12. And thankyou ashes! I am quite proud of my collection 
  13. Season 2 and 3 of EE saw two sets released.. I have separated them and grouped them by “Theme”..

    The KaW story was around Rancor the Razer and the Paladin feud..

    But I’m calling this set,

    “The Wolf” Set

    The purple color theme and the Wolf art were exquisite..

    The clubs and the “Wolverine” claws are awesome..

    To all the lone wolves and wolf packs prowling KaW tonight.. I leave you with..

    A delightfully delicious Werewolf Story by Peter Fleming (No, not Suzanne)
  14. I see some people laughing when u trading red paladin set, or any ee equipment set, for me i got that set because of my hard work in war, but now everybody can have it,
  15. Yea I do see that viewpoint foxygirl..

  16. Ashes another great thread from you.. now im inlove your golden goldreaper set lol
  17. This next EE Set is 3rd from the red and purple Razer and Paladin EE series..

    I’m calling it the,

    “Grizzly Bear” Set

    Just like the Wolf Set, the art is wonderfully put together and the ursine chestplate is very original in style and looks..

    I have come across a couple of Timberwolves and Grizzlies in my travels and there is always that awe in seeing the majestic apex predators in their natural habitat as well as the feeling that all your three-oh-eight’s and thirty-aught-sixes in your group may simply not be enough if they decide to tangle.
  18. This next set is a series of wonderfully and intricately drawn and designed silver and gold Axes..

    “The Grimgard BattleAxe” Set

    All the Axes are kickass but I especially loved the pick axe Cos winter is coming and an awesome thing to do in the winter is Frozen Waterall Ice Climbing!

    In Alberta, a lot of waterfalls freeze during winter and with good gear and two ice picks, you can go up those babies

    For Fit tourists in the Banff, Lake Louise area, once you’re done the skiing, cross country, snow shoeing, sleigh’ing, dog sledding etc. you can try some gentle Ice Climbing with a
    Banff Ice Climbing Outfit like this.

    Enjoy the Winter! (For those in the Northern hemisphere.. if.. if you believe the earth is round..and it wobbles, creating winter and summer on whichever side that wobbles closer to the sun)..
  19. Leave it up to you my friend.Always a remembrance from the past...I read that werewolf story as a young cub myself..Good to reread it! Thanks Bro!! Great guide too!!
  20. This next set is dedicated to the flamers on the forums..

    The Ember Crow Set

    These Fire Forge Chests gleam with an awesome red orange glow. All the pent up fiery retorts and insidious embers of ego raging flames of arguments..

    Kinda reminds me of... Firefly from the Batman universe.. You see, why be just an anarchist when you can also be an arsonist..

    To quote Yeats (again) as reflection on the status of the forums and flamers..

    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”