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  1. Hey All!

    Many of you (like 2 people) have seen Ricky Bobby’s Charm Trading Guide

    Well I can’t have that Jack Hawk 9000 wieldin, Pork rind lovin, Prune Candy suckin, Left Hand turnin, 1000 Charm hoardin red neck showing off!

    So.. I am making this thread for us regular Jill’s and Regular Joes who can’t afford those blingy bling bling fo schizzle Charms..

    Welcome Average KaW Charm Addict..

    Welcome to the charmed life..

    Now.. my main goals in making this thread are this:

    1- Edutain the hell out of you dear reader

    2- May be get you excited to go trading and collecting the affordable Charm sets (Please don’t go the flame assassin route.. but feel free to start a PvP or osw)

    3- Go on your own investigative treasure hunt journey for some of the sets (and share about your experience etc. here in the thread)...

    4- Get all nostalgic on KaW history through the Charm/Equipment (And sing the Mage Blues)

    5- I know the Apes keep them locked in some dungeon, but may be.. just may be, we can hear from the wonderful artists and product designers about these wonderful art pieces. (Oh we’re gonna roast u on why some of ur sets are not color coordinated too!)

    A couple of notes..

    I will start with “Complete” sets.. basically sets where all 12 equip were released.. As you know different events release different types of “sets”.. some are 2-3 types of equip.. some are different equip but for the same slot.. etc..

    We will get to all the shenanigans that Devs did.. let’s just start with some order first..

    So.. In no particular order.. (Afterall this is NOT a chocolate guide)

    First.. a must have set for all the Farmers of Kaw!!!

    Behold.. the Farmer set!

    This set screams of the scarecrow looking for smarts in the Wizard of Oz..

    But it also has quite a bit of the Les Mis, Delacroix - Liberty leading the people vibe..

    *Distracted note: If u ever go to the Louvre, go see it.. it’s definitely an “Ashes” painting.. you’ll know what I’m talking about.. The painting also supposedly inspired Victor Hugo to write Les Miserables

    My ratings: 10 being the best

    Art: 6 (MC Hammer Pants Yo)

    Color: 7 Les Mis!

    Color coordination: 3 U got dirt on ur face.. ur a big disgrace!

    Equip: 8 The scythe takes the cake


    The Volknight Set

    This may be a great “starter” set.. great name, great color, great descriptions that remind me of the Die Walkure Opera.. part of Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

    Art: 9 Pegasus wings!

    Color: 9 Silver and Gold.. yea!

    Color Coordination: 6 Whats up with the Welkinite ring?.. and the blue jade

    Equip: 9 I especially love the Pegasus ring

    Meow.. next one’s almost Purrrrfect

    The Pantherine Set

    This has like a darker cooler Ziggy Stardust vibe to it.. it’s almost purrrrfect but that cat’s eye ring killed it.. wtf!! Did the artist go on vacation and one of the mods stepped in to draw that brown and green ring? I was wrong.. cat’s eye is from another set (that I’m still chasing).. my apologies.. I have chased the correct amulet charm..

    The only way this can be redeemed is if someone points out to me that I have the wrong ring.... Redeemed!
    Art: 9 Meowwwwww nice kitty

    Color: 9 cool Dark blue

    Color Coordination:4 ugh that one ring!8 iceshard is lighter blue than the rest of the set

    Equip: 7 love the hood and the cat ring.. the toothpick I’m not so sure..


    The Renagard Set

    This set kicks ass! This is all Teutonic, Gothic Knights vibe.. The mace, the longsword, the details on the armour.. This is the Battle of Grunwald.. and this.. is the Gotterdammerung

    Art: 10 magnificent gothic era art

    Color: 10 magnificent polished silver and gold

    Color Coordination: 9.5 I deducted half a point for the trinket being too orangey

    Equip: 10 I am ready to go burn Valhalla down!!!


    The Sea Templar Set

    This is one sloppy, wet, mess... Colors all over the place.. but... This is very close at heart to the Pacific North West coast and also to this Short Storythat I wrote while travelling.

    *I also wrote another short story back then to enter in AJ’s Kaw Writing Competition.. I cannot link since it’s locked but you can find by searching on forums for the word “Persephone”.. the Story is called “Into the Abyss”

    The set also gets a very high mark for numbered quotes.. the quote sayings are pretty good as well.

    Art: 8 The artist went to the 3rd Beach in low tide

    Color: 8 May be a bit more vibrant like the Abyss..

    Color Coordination: 3 yellow mask, blue ring, just a mess

    Equip: 6 the trident is cool.. the helmet is awesome

    OK let’s take a break from the regular sets for a bit and drool on some high end swag!


    The 2012 ASW Set!

    This set of Equip was really what an ASW Set is supposed to be.. big stat.. blingy and bold.. and even in charms world, this is the pinnacle of the high end set..

    This also reminds me of when iProphet kicked folks he didn’t like out of his All Star Team!!!

    The Rime Moth Set!!

    Rime Moth was the first non EB, non EE, major Equip set event.. (The fiend bow was dropped in the Halloween event before this winter event).. and for a lot of regular folks, the Icetail and moth stayed in the equip slots of a lot of fighters for quite a while..

    I shall now take a break since I am getting to be distracted..

    And leave you with...

    The Golden Goldreaper Set

    There are a couple of Golden charms .. Basically an all gold version of an equip.. examples are Golden Raven Idol, Golden necrotic Sting and Golden Seadragon Gloves.. but the set above is the whole Goldreaper set... in Gold...

    Enjoy.. much much more to come.. 
  2. Amazing job! I can't wait to start checking off my lists!
  3. I want wings☹️
  4. Wow there are some gnarly sets. Keep em coming. Very informative and interesting.

  5. The Farmer set meets the Circlets Set
  6. Here are two weapon sets that I like

    The red weapon set is relatively new.. the green set on the other hand is quite old (right around EE season 3)

    I am assuming these are all in the sets.. if anyone have seen more, please let me know..

    The green Necrotic Sting is one of the few that has the Golden pair (basically the same as that equip, just gold color)..

    I don’t remember seeing the other two green equip with Golden pairs...
  7. Ahhh

    Found out another 2 in the red “Ruby” weapon set..

    My guess is there is one more (7 so far.. it should be 8)
  8. Looks amazing Ashes! The KaW Compendium of Charms! :)
  9. Ecstasy is probably the only person in KaW with all the bow charms.. mainly due to him having the Brekta war bow..
  10. Ash, you never disappoint! However, one small critique if you’ll permit me. Took a few too many sets before your introduction of the scantily clad babes. Just saying....
  11. Wut? What are you talking about?.. all I see are charming.. charms!
  12. For EE Season 4? Devs released an exquisite equip set with blue and gold that’s oceanic themed..

    Carrying on with that excellent motif.. they released the Zelantine set..

    EE set and Zelantine Set (EE tidal chestplate not pictured but you can see it at the alchemist)

    This set is wonderful.. a great set to collect.. it’s angelic.. like a zephyr.. or a really good Bombay Sapphire martini with a dash of blue curaçao

    Art: 9.5 flowing but sharp looking at that angel on that one ring makes you want to take a nap

    Color: 10 Bright and airy Mix of blue and gold

    Color Coordination: 9 That one ring has no yellow!!! Did the artist run out of yellow painting the sword?

    Equip: 8 the spear looks like a giant needle or fountain pen (kids are like What’s a fountain pen?), the body armours are exquisite though..
  13. In just a few words and while I appreciate this will come off and a bit sooky (it’s the proper street name for it honest - and everyone knows how Street ole Icey is) Ashes is simply the best forum maker in all of KaW. Here end of the lesson!!! Keep up the awesome work brother
  14. After much deduction, mystery solving and treasure hunting, lost from the sands of time..

    I bring to you..

    The Dune Dweller Set!

    “All I see turns to brown
    As the sun burns the ground
    And my eyes fill with sand
    As I scan this wasted land
    Try to find, try to find the way I feel...”

    *Followed by massive guitar and drum riff

    This set screams of Led Zepplin’s Kashmir and ObiWon Kenobi’s Lawrence of Arabia..

    And that burnt sienna reminds me of the wrap Rachel Weisz was wearing in that Stealing Beauty pool scene..

    Art: 8 Exotic! Mysterious! Like Frank Herbert’s novel

    Color: 10 Burnt Sienna.. just like Rachel Weisz

    Cool Cordination: 8 The rings threw me off but the overall color theme is pretty intact

    Equip: Rachel Weisz’s wrap by the pool 
  15. You have way too much time on your hands

  16. “Death and hatred to mankind,
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds.
    Oh lord yeah!” - Black Sabbath

    Fiery flames of red and amber, screaming at you in CAPS rage (check out the descriptions), this Shazo Set is all Ozzy..

    First.. allow me to tell u a tale of sorcery..

    You see way back in 1965.. the forces of darkness were planning their next move to counter the forces of good on this earth..

    The yarrow that Robert Johnson planted at the crossroads at midnight and the seduction that Elvis’s pelvis gyrations made were distant memories of the work of the dark princes.. the world was now a battleground between the new ambassadors of good and evil in the form of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones..

    But as the forces of good planned ahead to unleash the likes of Bee Gees and Disco in the coming decade, the forces of darkness needed a diabolical plan to counter the polyester and high pitch melodies..

    So.. they picked this 17 year old kid, toiling away at a grimy smoke filled factory in the industrial town of Birmingham.. and gave him an industrial accident that chopped off the tips of his right middle and ring fingers.

    ....and gave him the Electric guitar..

    Now.. this kid was determined to Rock.. but he couldn’t press the strings hard and sharp enough..

    He then improvised by drop tuning his strings to D# and C#.. and..

    Opened the gateway from hell where all the shrieking and mourning of the dark angels flew out... in the form of the dark heavy metal music..

    There you have it.. collect the Shazo set..

    Once you complete the Shazo set, go plant yarrow at crossroads, wait till midnight.. and play some Ozzy on ur smartphone..

    Afterall, you never know who’s gonna show up..

  17. I present to you the Skeleton Dragon Set!

    I'd recommend this set for beginners looking to start our their collection.
    They drop from the Scragg EB series. The unmaxed raw version would be the easiest to collect.

    Be prepared to spend some time hunting the scrolls if you plan on unlocking their enchanting capabilities!

    Colour: 7.5/10
    For me personally I think the color of this set looks rather drab and ordinary but then again it's one if the easiest sets to get in their raw unenchanted form!

    Art: 8.5/10
    You got to hand it to the creative team. The entire set ties in well with epic battle theme of a skeletal dragon. It screams continuity!

    Overall: 8/10
    While the drab brown color of the set is a bit of a put off for me, I like how the equipment names and design match the Epic Battles they drop from. The whole set ties in well with Scragg and his minions.

    Ps: Thank you Ashes!
  18. I always loved the dragon minion equip..

    Reminds me of... Mulan
  19. Next set is a genuine tribute to all the traders out there..

    The Merchant Set!

    This set looks all over the map but the designers and the artists captured the true spirit of a merchant.. that is, trade for all kinds of exotic wares... and have a little dagger in case the trade goes wrong

    “Shylock: I am not bound to please thee with my answer.
    Bassanio: Do all men kill the things they do not love?
    Shylock: Hates any man the thing he would not kill?
    Bassanio: Every offence is not a hate at first.
    Shylock: What! wouldst thou have a serpent sting thee twice?