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  1. It is with heavy heart that I announce the passing of our friend and brother TBirdSC. Those of you who knew him know that he was an old school, kick a$$ warrior...funny, fierce, and a good friend. Loyal to the end. Without going too far down the nostalgia trail...Old timers know what this game and community was like way back when....TBird was a pure example of the crazy fierce a$$ kicker that made this game so much fun. We warred a ton, stripped and farmed and generally caused a ruckus....in Death Warriors and later he went on DWM....he helped out noobs and turned them into psychos. I’ll miss you brother.
    ️DW FOREVER️
  2. Thank you very much Diss for doing this. I fondly remember my interactions with TBird.

    Great Warrior, great player and an awesome person.

    Rest In Peace brother.
  3. Rest in peace my friend always remembered
  4. I don't think I know him. But rest in peace mate.
  5. Sorry to hear about this
  6. Rest in paradise my friend until we meet again
  7. Will miss you my friend rest in peace
  8. Rest well my friend
  9. Rest in peace dear friend you will be missed ♡♡♡♡♡
  10. Like Diss was in Death warriors and DWM with Nicky ( T Bird ) Diss said it all , was lucky to call Nick a friend on kaw and in Real Life .
    I'm still in shock  .
    Sleep Tight Nicky xxx
  11. R.I.P Tbirdsc
  12. Rip Tbird. Much respect
  13. Always sad to hear the passing of a kaw vet. Rip tbirdsc 

  14. May you soar into the heavens on the back of a pegasus
  15. How exactly did everyone find out
  16. ?? Is this for real wtf?? He was one of my fav people on this thing ??