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  1. Nice idea, support. Season 5 is close, top war clans doing ASoF eb for clan bonuses tells you this. Even the ata walls have ears
  2. Ya those days were great and EE wars were king! I really want to see ata at least attempt to get us back to that caliber.
  3. Nice idea. Would be a interesting twist to the war system. I would like to see any new thing to keep wars from getting repetitive and getting more people to war.
  4. Debs start working on it... Give us something new!!
  5. 
  6. If your in my clan then yes Donks :)
  7. How about quick 5 on 5 wars that last 20 minutes? How fun would that be? Run new ones every half hour.
  8. I'm in...great idea Bro
  9. ohhhh i like 
    Full support!
  10. support u should tell mods to tell devs about this idea
  11. Great idea Bro. Sounds like it could be fun.
  12. Indie wars are a complete joke it's like a lottery the only thing consistent is inactives.
  13. Great idea asthma full support mate
  14. Support!
  15. Being able to group with some friends for war is a great idea!
    I'd lower it to 3 man 'parties' instead of 5 to avoid mismatches and for a better match.
  16. when did iwars get even matchups? i must have missed the memo
  17. Devs! Put something like this in beta testing please