Support for more War only events

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  1. Devs could delete ee wars and nobody would even bat an eye.
  2. Try it u might like it...
  3. Y u so salty :) I really wanna know
  4. hansels are only useful in classic, maybe random lol, hansels just aren't meant for war
  5. Add Disclaimer:to the top
  6. You're a moron.
  7. He hasnt bought a pc yet lol
  8. Bumped

    How would a WEEKEND WAR tourney sound
    & what format or tweaks or twists?

  9. 1 Rewards suggestion is War only EQ.

    Useless outside of war but packs a serious punch in EE. Includes PvP plunder bonus for events.
  10. Furthermore war records in profiles can be added. Simply a tool for many uses.
  11. Let me add a twist....
    A lead up to the Weekend War tourney

    A combination of Accumulated war wins and actions/inc fails determine opt in tier. Xtals used in wars r mandatory to count towards winning of war tokens.

    Say in the weeks leading up to the tourney...

    0-5 wins entry to the Acolyte tier
    6-10 " entry to the Crusaders tier
    11 " entry to the Champions of the Realm
    -------each 200 actions/inc fails = to 1 win------
    War tourney tokens will be won and added to inventory to be used for opting into tiers.

     Rosters to be increased to 20 vs 20. 
     Rewards r higher for each higher tier 
    --Unique EQ for War only with a big punch--

    Additional rewards equal to all tiers is ALL Mithril EQ can get bonus level increases
    to help for future Mith Wars where as only Mith EQ will count for BFE. This is mainly to make Mith EQ & mith useful and relevant and reintroduced back into the mainstream.
  12. PS

    CHAMPIONS tier will be a 2hr war duration
  13. Sounds like something that would have a good incentive, however, an idea utilising the best and one that brings out the most dedicated out would be appropriate by this I mean benefits for the kawmunity as well as the devs who are smoothes and desperately finding schemes to warm more dollar.
  14. 2 weeks, play when you can, BFE/BFA OFF.
  15. Support war system need something else
  16. I think they have more options in terms of war duration

    - 20 min
    - 40 min
    - 60 min
  17. Support this guy
  18. And don't know if it has been mentioned but it should not have anything to add towards what the fairies are collecting so maybe these ffa clans will be narrowed down they are ruining a perfectly good game!