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  1. We can also incorporate let's say a monthly weekend war tourney and a nice pvp weekend where everyone is opted in.

    Not to repeat myself bit it is a war game dam it.

    Let's have 1 weekend a month where EBs are TURNED OFF. You can run some kind of asw type tourney that weekend and for those not involved in the tourney it's a pvp blitz.
  2. Thats an interesting idea indeed

    As for an earlier post u suggested 100 vs 100 in 1-2hr wars of all kinds. 2hr wars would be sufficient so as not to be the same as regular wars. WC steps up is fine.

  3. The problem with 100 person indy wars is you would be hard press to find that many players in a similar hit range with the large gap in stats these days.

    Yes there are enough players in game to do it, but then you add equipment and allies to the mix and that number drops a bit more. Then of them the number who are willing to bank to war drops more.

    though the large numbered wars are fun I find them impractical with this game at its current state.

    Edit: Is this fore general EE or a tournament. I read it as everyday wars.
  4. My choices though are:
    Week long, because My schedule is ever changing.
    Format: LL and Indy (LL should give clan rewards only)
    Duration: 2 hour.
    Time Zones: ever changing schedule so all.
    Tiers: 6 tiers or every how many needed for the stat divide
    Rewards: Better armor and build tokens for winners: build tokens = random drops with the randomness of them higher than other aspects of the game. LL wars should give Clan rewards.
  5. Its for war tourneys maybe every month or 2 or 3 not for everyday wars.
  6. EDIT:

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  7. Indi Wars AND ASW can be kept to yearly but the format would be good with the stages leading to finals.
    Inactives to be booted if not checked in with 5mins to go off war. Opponents must forfeit 1 player for that match to bring upon a fair play. Should be like for like build, inactive hansel=kick inactive hansel or ps as they're spy dominant.

    Anyway all in all. Support support support.

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  8. 48h war with 100 ppl roster !!!
    Without xtal ofc
  9. Edited my post to match tourney.