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  1. I feel like 2h war has to be the max if it will be every weekend or whatever. Ppl got busy lives etc, i cant sit at my phone for 4h personally. Would be alot of afking in the war.

    All nice ideas so far however. I like the idea of WC to kick inactives after X-time period (ONLY able to kick inactive(0 actions)) to stop abuse / people kicking people they dont like etc
  2. Bro, u come up with really good ideas. Wish the devs would listen to a few of ur ideas, modify a bit, if needed, then execute.

    Well, here's hoping....

    Happy KAW'ing ️
  3. How about a 10 min war...only one update
  4. 1 hr lowland indis with ASW only rosters
  5. How about a war tournament ,a knockout format with a champion clan at end
  6. Thx bro

    I've posted a few combos for war tourneys and look to find what ppl like most.

    2 TZ's seems a good idea to allow more ppl to plan and enter. 2hr+ wars cuz its a tourney vs standard wars. The tiers is so builds can compete in ranges more suitable ti their size.
    All in all this thread is searching for common ground to facilitate the most participation and fun as well as more war events.
  7. Thats the idea...ASW style
    The longer duration of wars is more suitable for that very purpose. Simply keeping it to 1hr as it is already is not creating a large enough event..
  8. There has been both LL and Iwar only war seasons. All it did was divide EE warriors.
    Tiers effectively let all builds enter and not devalue BFA/BFE. Maybe a blend with lower tier as LL.
  9. I like the idea of wc kicking inactive / leak but then devs need to have a system to control that or ppl will abuse it and kick non inactives
  10. But u do have my support !
  11. U supporting your own post GG & what u mean like the idea of wc kicking inactives .. Your one
    Of people frequently missing start or showing up to war halfway through
  12. One problem i've a solution for or alternative is the ppl who war without care for others. By this i refer to the leaky OSW and EB builds.
    LL War is not the answer but only a bandaid IMO. Unable to use ones full build is not true war. ASW style with large rosters helps hide the effects poor war builds have on outcomes but cannot truly make for the best of warring. So i come back to an earlier ideas from a previous thread i posted.

    All kingdoms may enter into the tourney.
    WC hopefuls can submit themselves.
    WC's are nominated or appointed.
    A draft of war rosters is to ensue.
    War profiles r to be added to profiles.

    From that point the details of duration, roster size etc can be developed. The point of all this is war will be fought by kingdoms selected due to build or prowess. The outcry of those omitted may be loud but if their build screams unworthy then they can blame themselves. What constitutes a war build can be open to discussion.

    Lastly the original post can be incorporated to finalize a war format along with other ideas.
  13. Bumped for the purpose of getting more input or ideas.

    State how u would like to see wars be in a tourney format say every month or 2 or 3.
    The front page is a guide to start u going.
    Feel free to invent your own war event.
  14. How about trying a draft for war rosters?

    Suggestions on how to go about it r welcome.
  15. Need a few 100 man wars a couple weeks before ASW to get a feel for them again, please devs make this happen and not just spring an ASW on us.
  16. Also we need a new style of war, maybe combine ll war and indi war like... use full build but put a cap on bfa/bfe to limit the overall effect an ally lb has in indi. Or use all builds but omen-ra lands that way all are BC again much like LL wars
  17. How about 2 war tiers?
    ASW as usual and the rest in the other.
  18. Weekend Indy wars of all types , clan wars blow I haven't partisapate in any "explote" wars since s2. Like 1 hour , even 2 hours is cool any longer is too long people have things to do.

    I like to see on a limited bases return of 100 man wars, they were fun. Maybe once a week?
  19. Realy don't like this appointing wc crap , many times I sit and watch 2 or 3 guys argue over who is wc. It's ridicules.

    Realy shouldn't it be the group who is able to work together better deserve to win? It's a war game and sorry to burst everyone's bubble but EVERY build is a war build . Why I only do indy you toss a group of simular builds together and work together to defeat the opponent.

    We all know the explotes in the clan war system and dev refusal to fix it over the years. Which is why wars have died out. Make it fair and fun and people will return