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Discussion in 'Wars' started by Nighthawk_FPBO_1, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Strictly to gather a sampling of ppl with interest in EE from the ppl who want to war from the casual to the hardcore player to also those wanting to start warring.

    State your choices:
    When - weekend, week long or longer
    Format - IWAR or LL or ASW
    Duration - 2,4,6hrs
    Time Zones - 1 or 2
    Tiers - 1,2,3,4
    New Rule Additions if u like
    Rewards - get inventive

    I'll go 1st

    Weekend ASW 4hr war in 2 TZ's with 3 Tiers
    - new rules..WC can boot inactives after 1hr
    - rewards have a base value that increases
    ---- actions/wars won to achieve higher levels
    -------- bonus rewards to overall LB
    -----------LB to be discussed in this thread

    EDIT: from March 23/2017

    IMO this is the time to break away from the past and change gears bringing in new content. Whether its all or some of TG's ideas or something else entirely new I'm all for it.

    I propose the new lands have a new pair of buildings introduced. BALLISTAS for both Attack and Spy that damage buildings during OSW PVP and EE. Those damaged buildings can regen or be repaired faster by using gold. I guess maybe MITHRIL would be a better idea for any faster repairs. Going in a totally different direction from simply getting more att/spy stats creates a more interesting set of ideas for build plans and their use.

    For those who constantly rail on about chasing BC as if its all that matters this is a compromise.
    Those who EB only which is fine these BALLISTAS r for non eb use hence do not effect EB only ppl. While ppl in OSW PVP and EE game styles ug for their purposes the EB only folks carry on as usual at no loss to them.

    Building damage cap TBD
  2. Support that
  3. 1 more addition to add is Random.
    These suggestions r merely the basis of a starting point with adds or changes in store.
  4. 4 hr war sounds lame af.
  5. Support bring back 100 man indy
  6. Thats fine but its incomplete as well.
    Elaborate more as in my choice above with the general details i laid out. The better u do so the better u make your voice heard. Thx
  7. More war in general and support OP suggestion
  8. I like that point WC can boot inactive after 1hour and re-enter another player
  9. Few things I'd like to see:
    1. Allow to kick inactives
    2. Shorter wait time before war start. If ebs are 15 minutes, so should be the wars.
    3. Show plunder lost per player, we can see plunder we make on the war roster, why not plunder we leak?
    4. More tourney style wars, maybe kaw can have its own version of March Madness.
  10. All r interesting ideas 
  11. 1)If there is kicking ability,then even actives may get kicked.
    2)15 mins is too short for making a good brief.
    3)Lame idea.Ps1 will leak attacks,Hybs will leak stls.What u r calling leaks is a part of the mechanics.
  12. Asw weekend of 50 vs 50. Gud option. Bring back rancor wars.
  13. Running with that and doing the math...

    2 TZ's each with 8 clans of 50 = 800 entrants
    If say 3 tiers then = 2400 total max entrants

    If more entrants due to popularity aka rewards the numbers can be juggled accordingly.
  14. Bring back Advance wars in Indi . That's really fun.
  15. Leak equal to ppl aim u.
  16. Some want other than classic. Both Random and Advantage have merits.
  17. Scrap wars altogether devs and make more promos
    We get more free bars for upgrades you make more dosh
  18. Anything longer than an hour is too much as a regular thing. No way im gonna spam rosters for 4 hours
  19. Duly noted u r an EB only faerie.
    Other threads to amuse u r available for your input. Thx n GL

    Its maybe on weekends and not every one.
    Once a month or 2 or 3 is the idea.
    Can u offer up any other ideas on the other aspects as in rewards or format etc?