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  1. Batman has came a long way
  2. Batman: the superhero that came up with backup plans in the event his justice league teammates ever went crazy.

    The man is psychotic and I love him.
  3. So far all the posters seem to agree that being moody is indeed a superpower..
  4. Anyone who wears their underpants outside their clothes is hard af.

  5. Um ....theres as many hot chicks as he brings and wants...

  6. Carl Gustav M4, Compact M60, Bandage scissors, Batman underwear..

    Standard US Army issue
  7. Batman has the best superpower, money, what can't money get you when you have Fox on your side?
  8. Batman always
    Btw batman was married by someone and had a son so not cat woman : P n it's kryptonite
  9. Best movie ever. A must see if you read superman comics in the 90s.

    Its funny because this was a 2 hr movie and for the first 2/3 of the movie i found myself agreeing with the critics and hated the movie.

    Then (if you have read the 90s comic books) lex luthor says one line and you have a moment of clarity and you will know exacty where they are taking this and it becomes greatness.
  10. Superman is infinitely greater than Batman. Jussayin
  11. This movie was terrible. An hour and a half of nothing just to see that batman and superman team up together. Oh Wonder Woman shows up and superman dies. The end. 1/5 stars for a terrible movie
  12. ^Someons's a . *SPOILERS BELOW and above...

    And what on Earth did you think Dawn of Justice meant?
  13. It's also called Batman Vs superman. An hour and a half to see 10 minutes of them fight each other just for batman not to kill him because supeman's moms name is the same as batman's mom. It's the Brokeback Mountain of superhero movies
  14. Did you expect one of them to kill the other..?

    Also, coming from a very nerdy comic book lover, all actions by the characters are pretty in line with their comic book versions. Batman is probably the most different (of the 3).but not for how he handled Superman.
  15. Atleast give a better reason for superman not to get killed. That was lame as hell. I didn't expect either one of them to die honestly. More action less talk. Louis Lane should have been the one to die. She was annoying as hell in the movie. I'm not nerdy enough to ready comic books. Waste of my time
  16. It follows in line with Batman's character. The reason he does what he does is to prevent what happened to him (his parents being taken by criminals) from ever happening again. So when he realizes that Supes doesn't intend to be a god, that he's just a son wanting to save his mom, he empathizes with him. Besides, he had control of the situation, and bringing up his parents makes him angry, so why not pause?

    This is getting nerdy. If it's a waste of your time, then no need to continue it. But don't bash character actions of you don't care enough to know them.

  17. Darn, spoilers.

    Should create a spoiler code.

    Like use SPOILER: Hi there.
    *insert spoiler*
  18. Screw that! Spoilers away!

    This just in Aquaman is still useless
  19. I saw aquaman in Titanic..

    It wasn't the iceberg.. It was aquaman..

    He is also in this classic movie