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Discussion in 'Wars' started by Nighthawk_FPBO_1, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Looking to join the next clan war wall me
  2. Yes my own from a previous season.
    Thx for noticing
  3. New to wars. Ready to try the season out
    Will change build to what is needed for clan don't have a set build right now
  4. Experienced, but not pro or anything. Just know the basics and did some wars.

    Current build: PS, ready to change/adjust build if needed. Hmu.
  5. Hyb
    Ready for war

  6. I'll start warring on June 30th
    I'm gonna be a ps3, willing to change, but not everything

    21 SoS, 2 CoE, 1 Tower <- forgot name of it

    Pm me if wanted (I've warred b4)
  7. Im an eb noob with No LL experience. I sko fast thats all i know. #FeelMe?
  8. Mainly indi warring experience some LL
    Towered ps1 build willing to change as needed

    Can track depending on war time (need pc access obviously)
  9. Build: whatever you want
    Availability: everything except the USA evening war
    Experience: Warred s1-s5, done a ton of indi but not much LL. Can kinda track
    Extra info: I'm the unluckiest war season warrior in kaws history so sign me up at your own risk 
  10. Ps here, ready for any war
  11. I'm looking for a clan too
  12. Tank or hybrid, can change
  13. Hyb easy change
    Can war in all time slots
    Lots of war experience
    Need clan
  14. Need a war clan.will build to suit.thanks
  15. Will build to suit. Can war in 11pm pdt slots mon-fri and more slots likely sat-sun
  16. Currently ps1 can change build if needed thx
  17. Experienced Ps1, can adapt if needed. Warring in all time slots
  18. If worse comes to worse yall can LL war in my clan starting when S6 starts. No req builds. If you really want to war then u will join rather than sit out n do nothing. #AmIRight?
  19. Hi all,

    I am available for war slot #5 only, I won't war any other times, so just 1 war a day, due to work schedule (including weekends). I don't war often but when I do I give my full attention and 100% active until the end, so I expect to join a clan with similar game play standard. I can stay in clan for the duration of the season, so I can help with admin tasks if needed. I'll change build as needed for war. I can track if needed, but won't WC. Clan must have a line group to coordinate rosters. Follow and pm me, if I'm a fit for your team.

    Thank you for reading and good luck all. ️