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  1. Recently Paige and some members of veritas had a run in with timdafreak his midgets and close friends. After a lot of inc and some well planned strips we have both agreed to walk away with respect earned.

    This is a mutual cf request for Paige n veritas. GOOD BATTLERESPECT
  2. Mutual cf?

    I don't know which side is lucky for that...
  3. If you both agree to cf why do you request a cf in your last paragraph?
  4. Nub alert
  5. I just agreed to mutual cf because I took pity on timdafreak.
  6. I think you backed out too soon tim, we had the numbers, we had skill, we had a 6 pack. Alls well that ends well i guess
  7. Maybe gog, but I feel bad hitting a girl, it was a good battle
  8. We all felt bad about hitting omar, thats why we targetted paige instead
  9. 
  10. Great war on both sides. The hundreds of trillions in allies lost on both sides is a small price to pay for the respect garnered and friendships forged. Best of luck to Tim and his midget Army in the future, great work Paige and veri
  11. Was a pleasure standing on the sidelines of this vicious war.
  12. Paige can hit back? I never knew :eek:
  13. I was suppose to be hitting Tim  I misread cc and hit Omar instead  does this mean while being Veritas I was technically on tims side?
  14. Tim they prefer to be called "little people"
  15. Mad respect to veritas.... tis a REAL REAL brave group of warriors that faces off against Tim's new world order of little people. They bite ankles an it bleeds
  16. Not mutual. Phart took down the mighty tim all by him selves.

    Try again in 24 hours Timothy 
  17. Himselves? You mean himself? .. Smh.