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  1. I would like to purchase these. Can someone direct me to a checkout line. :shock: :shock:
  2. Don't recall asking for an opinion..lol. 
  3. I don't recall caring <_<
  4. The ride is free, the t-shirt is the prize!
  5. O bby!
    Sign me up! 
  6. Awesome thread  very creative amigo
  7. I don't always farm, but when I do I hope they rage
  8. I'd like to see

    "This isnt even my main bro"

    "I stripped somone… once. "

    "I'm doing this for the good of KaW"

    "New Age of Robin Hoods"

    "I survived in the Kill Zone once"

    "I DARE you to strip me ;)"

    "WoC casted dont hire my 6B ally"

    "Volly me to 1T extremely active"

    "iRemember when wc WAS chat"

    "Remember when Devs talked? "


    "I forum Drunk"

    "Did you steal my ad bro? "

    "Leave wall art on Me"

    "Do you even SW?"
  9. Excellent ones KillZone 
  10. [​IMG]

    Ill like to order several of these t shirts
  11. I'm still waiting on my pants. Should say something like:

    Spragga come tap this
  12. Wait wait
    Ashes is a chick? :oops:
  13. Really?