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  1. What if...

    "Keep calm and find Seal Of The Damned/Horn Of Calydor.

    Or any kaw T-shirt with a picture of the seal or horn!

    That would be awesome! :D

    Kaw player, sean893
  2. Still one of my most favorite threads. Bump and support for the person that starts making a few T-shirts for real. We all know the Devs wont advertise, guess we could do it for them.
  3. still waiting on my shirts
  4. Keep waiting extra medium isn't a poplar size ladyboy
  5. haha love the idea im lmfao 
  6. Being completely honest, if people want t-shirts like this, I design and produce and sell t-shirts. If I could up with mockups and I mean genuine mock-ups with feedback from you guys, I'd be willing to sell them, only issue is.
    1. I am from UK, so sending to US may take time(around a month), so that is down to you.
    2. It will be limited in terms of colours (i.e mainly white, but if I can get a firm number on colours, I can do that), though each will be slightly bigger than A3 in terms of the actual print.
    3. Local based, costs would be around 20-25GPB with some package costs, outside would be slightly higher.....

    o.o. but this is just a thought, if people are interested, or wanna know more and wanna see what I can do, please do wall me/pm me. x.x or wanna see my own work, hit me up! x.x
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  7. I was thinking on producing T-shirt’s lol
  8. Support! I remember these yrs ago. Funny as, can you do one for omets?
  9. Still love this thread!