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  1. T-Shirt on Enchantment fails?
  2. We here at the KaW T-Shirt Store are making to accommodate the wants of our customers, if you ever feel dissatisfied with your t-shirt, send it back for a free redo.
  3. Lol apparently ashes just got forum banned again. 
  4. Yep. Because of his amazing gifs. :cry: #freeAshes2k14
  5. Devs should actually do this, I would buy them all
  6. Very funny
  7. Seriously this is a great idea, in buy a few
  8. That's so cute. I would so buy this at a store or something. :)
  9. We'll be starting the summer specials!
  10. Lol'd literally... ^ :lol:
  11. As these summer sales gonna be as good as the steam summer sales?
  12. That's only two balto's you didn't even list my alts either 0.0 ashes good job though I'll take 4 just send four of anything.
  13. Send four wakebusters no questions asked :shock:
  14. I want all OSW related ones lol
  15. And the solo warveast one