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  1. Well that makes a few convos awkward. 
  2. Yeah... I was confused to this for a while too because of recent threads by her.
  3. I still need confirmation by Ashes.
  4. Why does everyone assume ashes is a he? Quite offensive really!
  5. Ashes I got to get meself one if those does the girl come with those pants?
  6. Wolfie.. For u.. And just for you.. Fando will be shipped with the pants
  7. I always assume people are dudes here unless their username is a female's name or they tell me otherwise.

    If I were a chick, I'd keep my gender private to keep all you horny teenage boys off my jock.
  8. I will take those in every color. Thank you!! Lol
  9. Oh goodie :D thank you
  10. Nice thread amigo. Personally I'd do major damage to that chicks hole !!!
  11. Let's delete that post.. Sorry cool
  12. Cheese only people like that are in pimd I think maybe you should go back there
  13. Can I go back there too?
  14. Yes deni you can i know you love it there :p
  15. Question.

    Can I add to my shopping cart a shirt that says
    "I farmed a zaft council member...

    And lived!"

  16. And you must be new to KaW, wolfie, or you'd know there are horny teenieboppers here.
  17. [​IMG]

    An upgrade to the "I rode Fando" shirt.
    Now when you buy that you get entered in this sweepstake for the car.

    (I just took this photo had to snap it)