Match Characters with KaW Players

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  1. Unstoppable tiger -> Tony the Tiger
  2. Mayuri-Kurotsuchi=stereotypical weeb.

  3. Battlestar KaWlatica

  4. Lmao im dying
  5. This meme will go down in Kaw history . i have never laughed so much , i couldnt stop playing it .it's so excellent lol.
  6. Ash....
  7. Heck yes I'm Starbuck. But ireg can get his grubby paws off me there 
  8. Ventress.. we all know about you and iReg..

  9. Add about 120 pounds of weight to each character and I think you may be onto something.
  10. Damn. Cats outta the bag. And here I thought I had a budding romance with KoT
  11. Before Jedi complains that his pic actually a Sith Lord.. that's what we think of you Jedi
  12. Personally I would use a count dooku pic

    A Jedi who used to be good but now has turned to the dark side
  13. Or you could have him as jarjar binks for what we really think of him :p

  14. Translation... "Ireg Who?"

    Ventress 
  15. lol OP sucks all his threads suck :lol:
  16. "A wild kotfe statless alt appears"