Match Characters with KaW Players

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  1. Popcorn ? anyone 
  2. Did I miss a GIF where Aella kisses Vix?
    I know you want me. I have SS. "Kiss me Ash.. Pls..." ;) It's ok. It's hot when chicks do it, I hear.
  3. Please I ain't bald.

    And dude, you could have done sooooo much more better.

    I'm clearly more crazy then this chick.

    Smh. You disappoint me.

    I, Roxey declare myself disappointed.
  4. I'll kiss you anyway, baldy. I'll keep your head warm.

  5. Lmao, ash. You can rub my head like a Buddah any time. For luck only ofcourse. You'll need it with the way this convo is going.. we could tiger RP.. *Grrrr*
  6. Good to see that shenanigans of a certain nature are still going strong on KaW. I approve.
  7. Reverse psychology won't work. 

  8. Hahahahaha. Thanks ash. I'd be a hawt viking ^.^
  9. Roxey looks hawt how she slides that sword lol
  10. She likes it when I slide my sword.....
  11. I was distracted by that ahem sword sheathing when I was making that gif
  12. *especially the way she jams it in at the end..

    Just sayin.. Vikings do that..
  13. Viking RP with a bald woman? I dig it.
  14. RIP...

    The blush is real.....
  15. Someone needs a cold shower now 
  16. Think we all need cold showers. lol. Let's try to keep the comments a bit more appropriate and fun.
  17. Having cleaned this all up... keep it clean for me please eh!!
  18. When you get manage to be compared to Tyrion Lannister whilst lacking any form of wit...
    Well played.