Match Characters with KaW Players

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  1. Hell bound reminds me a Dave chapelle sketch

    The one one where rick James is laughing and darkness (Eddie murphy's bro, James calls him darkness) tells him that he wants to tell him something and when he leans in, he slams James' head off the table
    - yes hell bound is rick James in that sketch

  2. Yea like I'm gonna do sweaty The Rock poster..

  3. Bruh, you realise Hellbound is a spotty 15 year old glasses wearin' skinny little Asian boy.. right? Right?? Like... yah.

    I can't envision what you are envisioning right now cos I knows the truth.
  4. Roxey.. you are describing like 60% of KaW right there
  5. Op is definitely Daniel Tosh
    All Eb Fairies are zombies

    Ata Grant= Obama
    Kaw_creative= Bernie Sanders

    Karma= Ted cruz
    Eagle= Trump

    Sean893= Jonny Deep

    Spragga= Chuck Norris

    I cant think of anymore tbh
  6. You're like Neil Patrick Harris tho
  7. Im wolverine obviously, killing machine right here

    Fite me m80
  8. Smh

    I am not saying that he looks like rick James

    I'm saying his KaW personality reminds me of him

    - boasting one moment to his buddies then get (expletive) slapped by them the next

    - fun one moment and the next moment you like wtf did he just do

    - when you confront him; he's like I didn't do that and the next maybe I did and the next daym I did do that

    - all the while he has a short memory of his blunders while keeping his highlights running in his head
  9. Who is hell bounds rival - I got a perfect one for his rival
  10. Chocolate as Olaf the Snowman ?
  11. xwarrior from that clan verigay


  12. Ashes walking up behind me
  13. Leo reminds me of stewie griffin
  14. Athreos reminds me of chunk from the gonnies
  15. WordWaster as Dean Winchester 
  16. Support