Match Characters with KaW Players

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  1. That was ashes in the FF rooms period 
  2. I'm like will Smith enemy of the state

  3. For some reason when I think of VK award, this gif comes to my mind.. The bride is the award, devs is the pastor, groom is Sean, and I'm the klutz that ****** it up

  4. every time I see AshtonRocks...
  5. This...

    This is some funny stuff right here
  6. NorthernKing managed to smuggle multiple smart-phones into prison.

  7. Oh lordy can't imagine what you would put me as lol
  8. I'm not a girl ashes so that doesn't fly for me lol
  9. I'm cool with that ... Vader was Anakin first and in the end destroyed Palpatine
  10. Before moving on to become a crazy hermit who's all alone on an island with nothing but his robot hand and a ball called Wilson to keep him company.
  11. Lol awesome thread. Thx for the laughs xD cheers
  12. Ryans Roses anyone?