Match Characters with KaW Players

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  1. Superman? I'll take that :cool:
  2. *powerhungryweeb
  3. Well obviously! You don't become a mod if you're not power mad.

    It's certainly nothing to do with that angelic prissy helping people malarkey.

    I mean come on!
  4. The new superman is moody.. so yea..
  5. Badman.... I love that idea
  6. I'll take apocalypse :p 1st and the most powerful mutant.
  7. Superman VS Batman.
  8. Please don't tell Karma that there is a poster
  9. *rushes to pm Karma*
  10. Always knew I should never trust you Eagle... :cool:

  11. That's funny...I always pictured her looking like momma June
  12. I know your weakness muahahahaha, Kryptonite is your best friend .

    Anyways loved the movie superman vs batman though, going to get it on DVD shortly.

  13. Clearly mad-eye moody from Harry Potter
  14. Moody vs. Eagle
    *insert fighting video game music*

  15. Hmm...I pictured a guy in his late 40's with a beer gut in a slayer shirt

  16. Sean is definitely that triangle teletubby

  17. King of terror is more like squidworth from spongebob
  18. LOL
  19. iSpencer as Bill Cosby