Match Characters with KaW Players

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  1. Hey everyone!

    So this exchange on wc got me thinking..

    It's time to play...

    Match characters to KaW Players!!!

    Basically list the character from any universe (Fiction, RL) as who they reminded you of to a certain Kaw player..

    I'll start.. hehe

    TimDaFreak as Tyrion Lannister

  2. Terra as Kim K
  3. Terra more like Kim k's lap dog
  4. Mei reminds me of taylor swift

    She does her thing

    If you hate on her - she brushes it off and keeps drumming to her beat

  5. If the suggestion is fitting/good/I have time,

    I'll make posters!!

  6. Are you sure you do Bacon?
  7. Ashes is Ryan Seacrest
  8. I continue to be envious of your free time ashes 
  9. [​IMG] LeLouch MaChiNe= Droopy the dog
  10. I will do a poster for any good suggestions on Moody!
  11. Any pregnant lady would work. Is all I think of when I think of moody.
  12. Ashes is so Ryan seacrest
  13. Right? Lol

  14. :cool:
  15. Roni is forrest gump
  16. I feel like Mei is more like Kim K... with herIt's not fair/stop judging me" tactics.

    Moody is like Donald J. Trump, he always responds like a wannabe savage.

    Terra is like the lap dog of Paula Dean. Always licking some crusty... knees.

    Ashes is that one camera guy from all of Michael Bay's movies that overly zooms in on explosions.

    Please note these are all jokes, an offense taken is not forced or my problem
  17. AZ__Lili-inUrButt__TEC = Trish Stratus W.W.F