ꁚ Potions For Dummies ꁚ

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  1. Plzz update thread for new pots
  2. You gotta add the new items
  3. NICE thread indeed :D
  4. Needs an update. :p
  5. OK guys, since you're all complaining ;), just gonna tell you this won't be updated until Thanksgiving as I am a little busy with school right now.
  6. Mystical hammer isn't listed in attack.
  7. Well I was going to make something like this... But wow you surpassed by a long shot of what I was going to do lol great job
  8. Can someone wall me on how to join a clan
  9. @fuzzy , I like your idea so I'm gonna take it :p

    Kittykatvesta_2 :cool: beat that
  10. Missing a couple parts but very well made! 10/10!
  11. Moved to Best Of for posterity sake, unfortunately became outdated and replaced.