ꁚ Potions For Dummies ꁚ

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  1. Would be useful if you could include at what % the items are to be used on the eb :idea:
  2. Wulf already did that, it would be a whole lot of waste oftime.. why dont u go do it??!? ;)

    I guess there are alot of dummies out there - cuz thread is #1 on strategy lol
  3. Dear KaWmunity,
    I am currently revamping Potions for Dummies**
    It will feature:
    all the info already, in easier sections*
    an Aqua and Inferno section
    updates on 'general info'
    adding Hawthorn the wretched EBs to the Potions use section

    this will take awhile, and I am guessing around early July is when I will finish

    thanks all :)


    * I will organize the info better
    ** Everything will still be iDevice friendly
  4. What does BTA mean?
  5. BTA means Bonus to allies. The stats you see on another person's prpfile are their BTA stats
  6. Nice guide mate. 
  7. This dude uses BTA too?
    Where the hell have I been...
  8. It's been this way for years, bro.
  9. Seal of deflection dont work on the haunting
  10. It does slash, it works on the main br
  11. It looks amazing in negative
  12. I would like the forums to look at this and think how it is, i will be using this new format for the rest of this guide

    sorry i haven't finished it, i messed up and had to redo all the images (compatability from one computer to another)
  13. Damn! I like it =)
  14. Does anyone notice that the aqua picture is the Canary instead?
  15. Toxic, i'm sure it isn't ;)
  16. Stop bumping old threads..