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    Potions For Dummies

    Potions General Info
    Potions, Pots, Items, whatever you want to call them. Potions are used for obtaining key leverage to win a battle, whether defending from another kingdom or attacking another kingdom. Potions are also used in EBs (Epic Battles) to gain money for the end bonus and completing the EB. Potions are great for smaller players who need to hit the bigger EBs.
    * Please Note: Spy Defense Potions ARE NOT used when another player scouts you, only Steals/Assassinations. Spy Defense potions are extremely important. Especially against hansels/OSFs in off system wars. You got to make sure you have lots of these so they don’t crystal 42 times and strip you of gold ;)
    * Potion (Pot) burning, where you consistently hit an opponent, losing but forcing the opponent to use their defense/spy defense potions. Then, when the opponent finally runs out of potions you can make a full scale attack on them. This is why you must keep track of your potions and keep in stock when in war.
    * If you are not in an OSW, think about it. If you had 4b out, and someone attacks you and wins, you lose about...12m? People don't think that they lose more spending on pots then they'd lose if you have pots. I can see why in OSW, you don't want your hitter to make money. Remember, you can not completely rely on potions, but you must rely on activity if you are in a war. Potions are only used when you buy or use them. Activity always counts.
    ** Potions can affect your bonus at the end, but only if:
    The Potion is required in the EB (very easy $$$)
    MissMelon has proven that even if the Potion increases your damage, payout does not go up.
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    Potions in EBs
  3. Attack Potions

    . [​IMG]
  4. Spy Attack Potions

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    Spy Attack Potions
    All bonuses are to spy attack.
    *Item:* Bonus {BTA} (Cost) [Sell]
    Sleeping Potion: 7,500 {150 BTA} (5,000) [3,750]
    Cause enemy guards to fall asleep by putting this potion in their water supply.
    Scroll of Blindness: 32,500 {650 BTA} (20,000) [15,000]
    This scroll temporarily blinds enemy patrol units.
    Bribery Gem: 100,000 {2,000 BTA} (60,000) [45,000]
    Nobody can resist precious gems. Use this to bribe enemy soldiers.
    Bribery Diamond: 300,000 {6,000} (150,000) [112,500]
    Bribe high officials to gain access to your enemy's kingdom.
    Ring of Shadows: 900,000 {18,000 BTA} (400,000) [300,000]
    This ring allows you to blend into the shadows of your surroundings.
    Cloak of Invisibility: 2,000,000 {40,000 BTA} (1,000,000) [750,000]
    This cloak renders you invisible to humans.
    Cloak of Shadows: 7,000,000 {140,000 BTA} (2,500,000) [1,875,000)
    Disappear into the shadows of the night when you wear this cloak.
    Book of Shadows: 15,000,000 {300,000 BTA} (7,500,000) [5,625,000]
    Cast a spell over your spies to hide them in the shadows of your enemy's kingdom.
    Summon Darkness: 30,000,000 {600,000 BTA} (12,000,000) [9,000,000]
    Plunges the land into overlasting night.

    Mind Scream: 20,000,000 {400,000 BTA} (EBs: The Destroyer, City of the Dead)
    N/A (Or Not Written)
    Spell of Amnesia: 35,000,000 {700,000 BTA} (EB: Figure of Death)
    N/A (Or Not Written)


    For a total of: 55,340,000 {1,106,800 BTA} ($23,635,000) [$17,726,260] (Without EB Items)
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    Spy Defense Potions
    All bonuses are to spy defense.
    *Item:* Bonus {BTA} (Cost) [Sell]
    Mist of Confusion: 7,500 {150 BTA} (1,250) [937]
    Use this mist to confuse enemies as they try to enter your kingdom.
    Scroll of the Mage's Eye: 32,500 {650 BTA} (5,000) [3,750]
    Ancient scroll that summons the Mage's eye to detecct enemies as they approach your kingdom.
    Warning Amulet: 100,000 {2,000 BTA} (15,000) [11,250]
    This magical amulet will protect you from enemy espionage
    Runes of Detection: 300,000 {6,000 BTA} (37,500) [28,125]
    These runes will glow whenever your enemy's presence is detected.
    Ring of Vision: 900,000 {18,000 BTA} (100,000) [75,000]
    The wearer of this ring gains the ability to see clearly into the shadows of darkness.
    Canary: 2,000,000 (40,000 BTA} (250,000) [187,500]
    The canary can sense enemy spies that you cannot see.
    Orb of Illumination: 7,000,000 {140,000 BTA} (1,250,000) [937,500]
    Launch this orb into the sky to illuminate the darkest corners of your kingdoms and expose your enemies lurking in the shadows.
    Angels of Light: 15,000,000 {300,000 BTA} (3,750,000) [2,812,500]
    Call upon angels from heaven to seek out your hidden enemies.
    Staff of Clarity: 30,000,000 {600,000 BTA} (6,000,000) [4,500,000]
    Ancient artifact capable of revealing enemies of your kingdom.

    For a total of: 55,340,000 {1,106,800 BTA} ($11,408,750) [$8,556,563]

    Spy Attack/Defense conclusion: If you spy attack (steal, assassinate) someone with exactly the same stats (and allies bonus) as you and you use all Spy Attack potions (Not EB ones) and you’re opponent has all the Spy Defense potions (which are used), you have a 50/50 chance of winning. Also, if you lose, you lose money :cry:
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    Aqua and Inferno
    . [​IMG][​IMG]
    Aqua and Inferno are items used to Enchant certain items such as:
    * Silica Ring of Silence
    * Iron Gauntlets
    * Torrent Talisman

    Extended Reading on Items:
    * ♔ Equipment & Permanent Items ♔
    * Enchanting Equipment

    Thank you for reading and hope it helped

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