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  1. Here's some other small changes that might make a world of difference without much development time:

    1. Encourage winning:

    Change the split from 300 for the win and 300 for actions to 450/150 or 400/200. Actions were introduced because people didn't like being in losing clan wars or felt like they wasted their time with problematic indy warriors. But this has just made wars uncompetitive and not fun and people or entire clans aren't even trying to win. After an initial spike in participation, wars have been bleeding players ever since as people got bored of the uncompetitive war experience.

    Literally a 2 minute fix devs.

    2. Update rewards so they are on a par with Legends:

    Not much to say here, as so many have already pointed out that rewards for war events are far behind eb event components.

    Another 2 minute fix. Well, maybe you need to think hard about where to set the levels, so take an hour to meet and chat.

    3. Introduce a new rewards tier to War events:

    Make a top 250 or a top 200 reward level. Right now, to make top 100 you need to war about 2-3 wars/day throughout the event, while to make top 500 you might need to do 2-3 wars the whole event. Give people you can war 4-7x a week (you know normal people with jobs, school, family, etc...) something to shoot for...this will help participation and interest a lot.

    Another 5 minute fix.

    4. Regen out of war:

    Not a big deal, but if you offer a full regen going into war, why not offer it coming out? This might encourage somme to war since it offers less time loss on EBs.

    Maybe 30 minutes?

    5. EB completion bonus:

    Allow those that war to get their bonus for partial progress on an EB left to go war.

    This is more ambitious, I admit. But participation is killed when I can't leave my clan to go war because I'm in a 12 hour Diabolical EB and we're 9 hours in and I'm leaving a lot of event rewards and plunder behind if I war. Make it so I'm not punished for warring, or have to arrange my whole day's schedule so I can make sure I get shorter EBs to make war.

    So basically, if I leave a clan having already cast WoC, and am subsequently clanless (for indy) or in a clan that signed up for war (for LL) at match time, I will be credited (after the war) for the partial progress made on the EB that was running when I left the clan (of course provided that the clan finished the EB).

    OK this might take some time, but I think it would make a big difference.


  2. All very reasonable ideas 
    I’d like to add EE bonus increases at say 2% for every level beyond 5 to a max of 100%. The EE at level 6 and higher has only a 2 day duration as does BR. So if i have EE 10 and don’t war for 2 days it drops down to EE 5 where it lasts for 2 weeks as usual.
  3. I feel ya man i wc/tracked since s1 XD havent in a long time ci how shiz it is, i remember gwtting home at 2:55pm from school everyday lol rushed inside to cast for war XD
  4. I can't help it but to post my thoughts after reading untill page 9.

    I appreciate Champion for creating this thread,alike other similar posts, you have seen many were affected by the wars we have now.

    I shall not repeat what others have said as they are the facts that why wars are dying in kaw.

    I'm in this game for 6yrs. Reason joining the game because it's a war game. I stopped the game few yrs back when ebs were newly launched. Many around me left,clan disbanded and thus I left too..

    Came back 2yrs ago,was 6mcs.. Many changes,seems fun with many equipments and newer ebs. Spent money,now I am almost 600mcs. Should I be happy? No.. Reason wars are getting boring, devs don't do anything about it. They spend time developing new events and legends,it's already a boring taptap game, and nothing has been done despite the complaints(yr so called feedbacks).

    Enough said of why we are not warring anymore. Why don't devs tell us now,WHEN are you going to do something to improve wars??????

    The reason we not quiting the game is because of clans, friends and people in the game. Not how fun it is. Soon,you see people leaving and leaving the 10yr old kids tapping your ebs.

    Honestly, don't waste our time. We are like like prisoners waiting for meal times(new events).. Till a day we just say bye...
  5. War?.. What is it good for?
  6. Sure
  7. It’s always been easy to get more earring but devs ignore it. Increase rewards. That simple. If they want ppl to war they need to make it lucrative. Cash or items for the winners.
  8. Wwe are like prisoners!!

  9. Accumulated rewards for ALL 12 EQ.
    Non EB EQ would help EE warriors whilst EB only ppl r unaffected. War only EQ 
    Rancor style or a completely new idea.

  10. I used to do a lot of ee here is why i stopped:
    1-matchups (no need for an explanation here)
    2-semi-actives- ppl being active at start plundering then sleeping, ee has now become a easy way for seals(i have done it myself)
    3-not enough incentive(except seals I guess)
  11. Well pointed view of current warring issues